Washington Woman Spiked Ex-Boyfriend's Jagermeister With Insecticide

Scorned Lover Spiked Ex-Boyfriend’s Jagermeister With Insecticide

Kirkland, WA – After several years of extradition filings and a murder trial, Janjira Jeffrey Smith, 58, has finally been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the poisoning-death of her ex-boyfriend. She received an additional 14 months for second-degree assault for nearly killing his fiancée.

Back in 2006, Smith allegedly spiked a bottle of Jägermeister with a highly toxic carbamate insecticide (methomyl). Both Roger Lewis and his girlfriend at the time, Thanyarat “Nina” Sengpharaghanh, drank from the methomyl-laced bottle of alcohol.

Smith fled to her native Thailand. She was later extradited from England back to the states in June 2011. Following a seven-year investigation and a labored extradition process, first-degree murder charges were levied against Smith, according to the Huffington Post.

On May 10, Smith pled guilty to second-degree murder in lieu of first-degree charges along with second-degree assault in King County Superior Court.

Smith stated she’d been a victim of domestic violence at the hands of Lewis, but no evidence was provided to support the claim, reports the Kirkland Reporter.

However, senior deputy prosecuting attorney Carla Carlstrom says Smith was obsessed with Lewis, so much so that she’d threatened to have his ex-wife killed if she refused to finalize a divorce.

The couple dated for 18 months. When Lewis decided to move on Smith didn’t take the break up well. Authorities believe Smith killed Lewis, and attempted to kill his girlfriend, because she was scorned after finding out Lewis intended to marry Nina.

Smith contacted Nina and told her that Lewis liked to drink alcohol and that Jägermeister was his favorite drink. She told the woman she would send over a bottle of Jägermeister with a friend and urged the woman to have Lewis drink the alcohol before they went out that night.

Smith had a friend deliver the bottle.

That night, Lewis drank a full shot glass of the alcohol. Nina also imbibed, but took in a smaller amount. The couple was found the next day. Lewis was pronounced dead at the scene and Nina was taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed with having had a stroke. She also suffered temporary blindness from the poisoning.

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