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Paris Jackson Has Her Father’s Strength, Says Debbie Rowe

Paris Jackson has been blessed with her father’s strength, the teenager’s mother Debbie Rowe recently said. She believes this will help her daughter pull through her recent suicide attempt.

Rowe addressed Paris’ condition on Twitter over the weekend. The teenager’s mom firmly believes she has the power to overcome the problems she’s facing in her life at the moment. The source of this inner strength: Michael Jackson.

“My daughter has asked that I extend a huge thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers and support. She is strong like her father,” Debbie Rowe tweeted.

The Twitter post regarding Paris Jackson and her recent suicide attempt arrived shortly before the debut of Cirque du Soleil’s tribute to the late King of Pop. Several members of the family were in attendance at the event over the weekend.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Paris could be leaving the hospital very soon. The teenager was hospitalized after police were summoned to her home on June 5. She is currently being held for observation and evaluation.

However, some of her family members said she might return home before too long. Unfortunately for Paris Jackson, she was unable to attend the tribute to her late father on Saturday.

“She’s doing wonderful right now. She’s getting better. She should be out soon,” Jackie Jackson told E! Online.

“We wish her a speedy recovery. We love her. After all that she’s gone through, losing a father — that’s hard on a youngster. So she’s staying strong,” Marlon Jackson added.

The tribute to Paris’s dad, entitled Michael Jackson ONE, the second tribute put together by the folks at Cirque du Soleil. The group’s previous effort, Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL WORLD TOUR, received mixed reviews from both Cirque and Jackson fans.

What do you think about Debbie Rowe’s comments regarding Paris Jackson? Do you believe the teenager is just as strong as her father?

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