Breast Feeding Terrorist

Breast Feeding Terrorist? Mom Says Club Treated Her Like A Criminal

The Metropolis Country Club in White Plains, New York made a mother feel like a “breast feeding terrorist” after her family was kicked out of the club because she breast-fed her baby at a table.

Belgian diplomat Tom Neijens, 36, and his wife, Roseline Remans, 34, were visiting the club on June 8 when they asked if they could have lunch despite not being members.

The family was given permission to eat at the club and dine on its terrace. During the meal, Remands began to breast feed her daughter Luka when a female manager quickly intervened.

Roseline tells the New York Post of the staffers actions:

“She said, ‘Please leave immediately, you are disturbing the members.’ ”

When Neijens told the staffer it would only take a few moments, she was told breast feeding should happen in the women’s restroom.

Using a favorite response to that request, Neijens said:

“You don’t ask a person to have lunch in the restroom — why would you ask a baby to have lunch there?”

Apparently not satisfied with the “breast feeding terrorist’s” answer, the female staffer called the Greenburgh Police Department who arrived to escort the family from the premise.

When Detective Scott Harding arrived on the scene, he alleged yelled “Close the doors!” and then had other diners leave the area. Niejens says it felt like something out of a “Western movie.”

That’s where the breast feeding terrorist claim comes into play. The officer allegedly had one hand on his gun and one hand on his Taser.

Neijens said the officer warned them about trespassing onto the property just moments after they were given permission to visit. The officer then added that some guests thought the Diplomats were terrorists.

When Remans asked why terrorists would breast-feed a baby at a golf club, the officer reportedly said, “In Sri Lanka, babies are used by terrorists.”

Fed up with the officers attitude, Neijens revealed his State Department-issued ID, which led the officer to claim that terrorist threats were made against the club in the past.

Days after the incident, the diplomat demanded an apology via email. In his letter to the club, he wrote:

“I am deeply worried about your staff if they cannot distinguish between a European couple looking for a quiet place to breast-feed a baby and suicide terrorists carrying a backpack.”

Just remember the next time your visiting a ritzy golf club that their could be a breast feeding terrorist mom lurking around every corner.

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