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Chris Tucker Brings Jokes, Michael Jackson Impersonation To BET Awards [Video]

Chris Tucker stepped back into the spotlight last night as he hosted the BET Awards.

Tucker, who was a major star in the 1990s, took an extended break from acting after the third Rush Hour movie. He returned to stand-up in 2011, starred in the critically acclaimed Silver Linings Playbook in 2012, and last night he hosted the BET Awards.

Tucker opened the show by calling out some of his favorite celebrities in the crowd and warned Miguel that there would be no stage jumping during the show.

Tucker said: “And I’m gonna tell you what’s not gonna happen — it ain’t going to be no jumpin’ in no crowd during performances. Miguel! I saw the Billboard Awards, Miguel! You know BET ain’t got no insurance like that!”

Tucker also made fun of his own career and financial situation saying that he’d never take money advice from Wesley Snipes again.

The BET Host had plenty of jokes for the crowd but he also took some time to pay tribute to Michael Jackson. Tucker does a pretty good Michael Jackson impersonation and sang the singer’s “Human Nature” on stage.

Here’s a video of Chris Tucker at the BET Awards.

Here’s a video of Chris Tucker’s tribute to Michael Jackson.

How do you think Chris Tucker did last night? Did you watch the BET Awards?

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