Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela’s Family Is Letting Life Take Its Course

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, the ex-wife of former African president Nelson Mandela, says he is clinging to life.

In an interview with ITV Winnie revealed: “It is extremely painful to see him going through what he’s going through now. But it’s God’s wish.”

The 94-year-old icon was admitted to Pretoria hospital on June 8 after suffering from a lung infection.

Nelson Mandela is listed in critical condition, and, according to reports, his outlook has worsened over the last week. Family members have called Mandela’s health “delicate.”

In speaking about her father’s condition, Zindzi Mandela told ITV that her father is alert and recognized when new people enter his hospital room.

As his health has continued to deteriorate, thousands of people from around Africa have flocked to Pretoria hospital to pay their respects to the international icon.

South Africans have gathered to pray, light candles, and leave gifts for the ailing former African president.

Family members for the ailing Mandela have been constantly by his side since he was admitted to Pretoria hospital:

Nelson Mandela Reportedly On Life Support

When asked if Mandela’s family was really preparing to end his life support, Winnie said: “It was nonsense to suggest we needed to take a decision to pull the tubes.”

Rumors about pulling the plug started after South Africa’s Sunday Times earlier this month carried a frontpage heading that read, “It’s time to let him go.” That headline came from a longtime friend of the family who suggested it was time to say goodbye to Mandela.

Family friend Andrew Mlangeni recently told the paper:

“When people say the family must let go, and we say let go of what? In fact he is deciding what’s happening with himself. It’s between him and his maker. It’s not to do with us whatsoever. Once the family releases him, the people of South Africa will follow. We will say thank you, God, you have given us this man, and we will release him too.”

Zinzi has stood beside her father, letting everyone know that what happens next is solely in God’s hands.

Do you think its time to let Nelson Mandela pass away on his own terms?