Egypt Protests Leave Five Dead

Egypt Protests Claim Five Lives, Others Left Wounded

Egypt protests have left five people dead after citizens flooded the streets and called for the ouster of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.

Speaking to AFP, a military source revealed: “It is the biggest protest in Egypt’s history.”

Millions of people took to the streets and eventually clashes broke out, which left five people dead and dozens more injured.

Protesters attacked the Cairo headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood, which left several people wounded during the frenzy of the riots.

As the Egypt protests raged on, local TV showed various buildings on fire and dozens of people being attacked with stones and fire bombs.

In an attempt to fend off rioters, supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood fired buckshot at attackers in an attempt to repel them from government buildings and other strongholds. Later in the night, automatic weapons were heard being fired from around several government buildings.

In attempting to spin the story, Gehad al-Haddad, a spokesman for the Islamist led government, claimed that 150 “thugs” attacked government offices.

Three of the dead protesters were killed when gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire on protesters.

Another demonstrator was killed when they clashed with Muslim Brotherhood workers outside of the Freedom and Justice Party headquarters.

While violence escalated during the Egypt protests, supporters urged their friends and family members to hold strong until President Mohamed Morsi agreed to step down.

Protesters asked that Morsi step down on his own accord but also said they were not beyond using force to remove him from power.

Last year, Morsi won Egypt’s election with a final tally of 13.2 million votes to 12.3 million votes. Almost immediately following his political victory, opponents to the Muslim Brotherhood went on the offensive.

Do you think Mohamed Morsi should immediately step down from his post given the high level of opposition to his leadership?