Home Depot Free Water

Home Depot Gives Out Free Water Because It’s 116 Degrees Outside

A Home Depot in Nevada decided to treat its customers due to heat-wave that has engulfed the entire west coast by offering them free water.

The establishment’s thermometer clocked in at 116 degrees whilst other regised the temperature at around 127, so, in order to replenish those individuals who walked through their doors, the management at Home Depot thought that giving them some free water would be the least they could do.

The above sign that they created is also a rather amusing and light-hearted way to inform thirsty shoppers, and each sip would have provided a welcome respite from the unrepentant heat.

The above image was uploaded to Reddit and immediately saw other users take to the social network site to voice their own heatwave tales.

Iggnore stated, “124′ here in Havasu today … 116 degrees right now and there’s no sun, it shouldn’t be this way!” Whilst GolanALB, added, “It’s 109 right now in Las Vegas, it’s the coldest it’s been today.”

This weather is set to break records, with highs in Las Vegas hitting 117 on Sunday, which tied the all-time record for the city, first set in 1942 and then equaled in 2005.

The NWS forecast office in Phoenix remarked of the heat, “While hot temperatures are a regular feature in this part of the country, a heat wave of this proportion and this duration is not common. Several days at or near 100 degrees are common for the southwest Arinzona [and] southeast California deserts in the summer. But periods of temperatures at or above 115 degrees Fahrenheit are more rare.”

A Death Valley resident, Mike Wood, admitted that even his running shoes were beginning to melt to the pavement. Wood told CNN, “The ground temperatures here can approach a hundred degrees so you’re talking about pretty much boiling the shoes … everything that kind of holds the shoe together kind of comes apart.”