Porsha Williams ordered to leave marital home

Porsha Williams Ordered To Leave Marital Home

Former NFL star Kordell Stewart scored a victory in court recently when a judge ordered his estranged wife Porsha Williams to leave their marital home.

Williams claimed that Stewart locked her out of their Atlanta home, but Stewart said he sent Williams a text telling her that he was changing the locks days in advance. He said he did it for security reasons and that Williams could give him a “heads up” if she needed to get into the house.

Stewart also said that Williams makes a lot of money and that the only reason she is struggling is due to her “financial negligence.” He said that she spends her money on “grooming and clothing items” instead of paying her bills.

However, on June 10, an Atlanta Superior Court judge ordered Stewart to pay Williams $5,000 a month in spousal support for the next three months. He was also ordered to either return her property or cover the cost of having her belongings placed in a storage unit. But, he was granted exclusive use of the couple’s home and Williams was ordered to move out.

The court will issue a final decision at a later date.

Even though she learned of the divorce through Twitter, Porsha Williams contends that Kordell Stewart is not a bad person.

“It’s already hard enough, and for me the situation is so unfortunate,” she told Dish Nation. “For people to say that it’s fake, that’s what hurts, because I’m over here really going through this and everyone is making light of it like it’s fake.”

Responding to a host who said he used to be a big fan of Stewart when he was the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Williams said, “You still should be. Just because we didn’t work out, I don’t feel like he’s a bad guy.”