AnnaSophia Robb

‘The Carrie Diaries’ AnnaSophia Robb Talks ‘The Way, Way Back’ [Exclusive]


AnnaSophia Robb is slowly working her way into creating a sizable career for herself. Starting off with roles in Because of Winn-Dixie and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Robb tackles roles that resonate with her own age group. At 19-years-old, Robb is smartly transitioning into more mature roles the older she becomes.

The role she’s probably most well known for is playing television’s young Carrie Bradshaw, which was previously made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City. So far she has the first season of The Carrie Diaries under her belt, and while she looks forward to another season on the CW show, Robb can currently be seen branching out in the coming of age film The Way, Way Back.

Since her 2011 breakout role in Soul Surfer, AnnaSophia Robb turns out yet another promising performance in The Way, Way Back. Tossing aside everything we’ve seen of her this year as Carrie Bradshaw, Robb is anything but New York chic. Instead of personifying the ambitious Manhattanite, the actress is a bit toned down, and under dressed which makes for a charming screen presence as the 14-year-old  Susanna. Robb plays the curious next door neighbor who captures Duncan’s heart  during his summer vacation.

The character of Susanna could have been used as a simple device, but throughout the film’s run it’s realized that the character has a few burdens of her own to bear. When the scene finally arrives on screen, the audience gets a sense that AnnSophia Robb has a lot more in store for us all.

The Inquisitr’s Niki Cruz sat down with AnnaSophia Robb to discuss The Carrie Diaries, co-star Steve Carell, and her best summer story.


THE INQUISITR: What was your first impression on set?

ANNASOPHIA ROBB: From the moment I got the script I thought the characters were all well rounded and had such development, except for Steve’s. They feel real and relatable. It was so nice to see such well-written dialogue that felt really good after reading it. Our table read was so much fun. Also just being able to work with talented and happy people. It was a huge blessing.

THE INQUISITR: How big of a departure was it for you to play someone like Susanna as opposed to Carrie Bradshaw?

ROBB: It was a very different character. I had done the pilot before and then after I shot the film. I’m an actor so I would hope I would be able to play different characters, but I think she’s very different than Carrie, in her mannerisms, from the way she talks and dresses.


THE INQUISITR: Do you have any Sex and the City things that you love? Cupcakes or Jimmy Choos?

ROBB: Yes and yes. I love cupcakes and I love my shoes, especially my Jimmy Choos. Being in New York City I feel like every woman feels like a Sex and the City character, don’t you? Whether it’s walking down the street shopping with your friends, or going to a restaurant, or tripping, whatever happens feels like a New York moment.

THE INQUISITR: Is there anything that you really love? Like the Magnolia cupcakes? Anything from the show?

ROBB: I love Magnolia bakery. I don’t know one person who doesn’t. I love brunches. They’re my favorite. Girls always do that. I’m excited for Carrie to have her first little brunch.

THE INQUISITR: Since Steve Carell has such a commanding presence and he’s so well known, what was the first day like on set with him?

ROBB: When I read the script I saw it as funny, and when I saw how Steve played it I thought, “Oh that’s such the right to play it.” He’s not the funny d–k. He’s just a terrible person stuck in a rut, so it was really nice to watch his performance.  He’s such a talented actor. He’s so much more than a comedian. He’s such a gentlemen.  He always opens the door for everyone in the room.  It’s just how he is.

THE INQUISITR: What’s the biggest takeaway from this film?

ROBB: It’s really wonderful to work with such a talented cast. Now I want to do an ensemble for every movie.

THE INQUISITR: Did anyone mentor you or give you advice?

ROBB: It’s nice when someone isn’t telling you how to do your job. You can just watch them and learn from that.

THE INQUISITR: What’s your goal after this film?

ROBB: I just want to continue to do projects that I really care about. Also projects that are about the characters, the story, and the people involved. I’m doing The Carrie Diaries and I’m having a really awesome time doing that. We have a great cast and an awesome crew. I’m excited to do that and maybe some more films. I’m excited to go to school eventually. I don’t know when that will happen. I’m just trying to enjoy the moment.

THE INQUISITR: What would you like to major in?

ROBB: I’m not sure yet. History, English, I think the humanities. I think getting a big broad liberal arts education is important.  I just want to explore and grow.

THE INQUISITR: What lesson do you hope that teens take away from seeing the film?

ROBB: That you’re not alone. I don’t think older people realize how much of an influence they have on people younger than them. I felt like everyone I’ve been able to work with has been really wonderful to me, but they’ve had such an impact on me, and how I choose to do my work now. I don’t think they’ve had any idea. I don’t think they realize how much they influence my life, and I think that’s true in every situation. It’s those people that you look up to because you’re wanting to figure out how to grow up.

THE INQUISITR: What’s your best summer story?

ROBB: I went on a road trip last summer before I filmed this. We took my grandparents VW camper and went to a bunch of different national parks and camped. It was just the three of us and it was so much fun.  We went to Yosemite, Yellowstone, Nevada, Tahoe, and San Francisco. It was a fun senior “wahoo we’re free!” moment.