Nelson Mandela and Jacob Zuma Visit

Nelson Mandela’s Ex-Wife Says President Zuma’s Visit Was ‘Insensitive’

The ex-wife of Nelson Mandela says the recent home visitation by South African President Jacob Zuma in April was “insensitive.”
Back in April, Nelson Mandela was at home recovering from a 10-day hospital stay when Zuma and members of his ruling ANC party paid Mandela a visit.

Speaking to Britain’s IT News television, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela reveals:

“I honestly cannot put in words how hurt the family was. It was one of the most insensitive things for anyone to have done.”

She then adds: “It was insensitive, it compromised the family, compromised his dignity and it should have never been done.”

Zuma following his meeting claimed the former 94-year-old President was “up and about,” although video footage of Nelson Mandela at the time showed a main who was weak and frail.

Mandela is now in critical condition at Pretoria hospital where he is being observed for a serious lung infection. A recent report suggests that the former president of Africa is beginning to recover.

The ANC on Sunday called Madikizela-Mandela’s comments “regrettable.” ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu writes:

“The reason behind these visits is to continue supporting our former president as the ANC and to give the necessary support to his family.”

The ANC says it followed all guidelines laid out for the party’s visits to aging statesman. Those guidelines are part of the government’s mandated rules of conduct.

Mthembu continues: “We have to demonstrate an active interest in the life of president Mandela who remains our leader and our icon.”

The ANC also took a moment to thank US President Barack Obama for the kind words he offered to Nelson Mandela during the POTUS’ trip to Africa this week.

Nelson Mandela is the foremost icon of Africa’s attempts to reunite its people and form a continent free from its massive racial divide. Any attempts by a state authority to leech off the former President’s image was likely to draw the type of negative attention that Nelson Mandela’s ex-wife has raised.

Do you think Jacob Zuma’s visitation with Nelson Mandela was insensitive?