chris paul

Chris Paul Will Return To Clippers

Chris Paul is expected to re-sign with the Los Angeles Clippers as soon as free agency begins on Monday.

The NBA star’s representatives have reportedly told teams that it’s a done deal and that they would be wasting their time trying to pursue Paul.

The news shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone who has been following the NBA off-season. The Clippers have been working hard to build a quality team around Paul. The team had a pretty successful season last year and they are bringing back all of their key players.

The team has also signed Doc Rivers as the team’s new head coach so the All-Star point guard should be eager to re-sign with the Clippers.

After signing with the Clippers, Rivers said that signing Chris Paul was his no.1 priority. Rivers said: “I’m looking forward to (talking to Chris Paul). Obviously we’ve got to make sure he signs here.”

Rivers said that the Clippers are a young and talented team and that he doesn’t want to change things up too much. He’s hoping to retrain the core of the team heading into next year.

Rivers added: “I keep hearing all these rumors about us and the trades … I like this team — now. So I don’t know if we need to do anything. We want to add to the team. We don’t want to take away from the team. That’s the way I’m looking at it so far. It’s a young team that needs growth. I don’t know if it’s a young team that needs change. Obviously we’re going to look around. But I like the team the way it is and I just think we need to keep adding to it.”

According to the LA Times, Paul is expected to sign a maximum five-year contract worth about $107 million.