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Cleveland Gay Pride Parade 2013: Record Numbers Attended

pride parade 2013

The Cleveland pride parade took the streets yesterday in a massive show of support which attracted record numbers of people.

This parade comes at a sensitive time, while the Supreme Court is hotly debating the ‘Defense of Marriage Act‘, supporters of gay pride are taking to the streets. It was reported that at least 25,000 people showed up for the pride parade 2013 in Cleveland. Estimates are that there were approximately 3,000 more marchers than last year.

The Supreme courts monumental decision to allow same-sex marriage comes at a time when the Cleveland gay/bi Pride movement celebrate their 25th anniversary. Scores of people lined the streets and it took about an hour to complete the route.

The president of the Cleveland Pride board, Todd Saporito, commented on the pride parade. He said that the combination of the Supreme Court Decision regarding Doma and the fact that the Gay games are slated to be held in Cleveland in 2014: “Are what bought people together.”

The last three years have seen the Cleveland pride parade threatened by rain and this year was no exception. As Saporito said regarding the weather: “I woke up to texts saying ‘It’s going to rain.’ I said ‘no it’s not. Be there'” and thankfully, he was right as the skies cleared for the parade and festivities that followed.

The pride parade didn’t pass without incident though. At the end of the march itself, a religious Christian group dressed like angels and shouted down the parade goers, insulting them for their sexuality. They also attempted to block them from walking further.

Do you think the Cleveland pride parade 2013 was a success? Were you there, or did you know anyone who attended? Are you pleased that the Defense of marriage act is being debated and that same-sex marriage may become legal in some states? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via CBS local]

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14 Responses to “Cleveland Gay Pride Parade 2013: Record Numbers Attended”

  1. Anonymous

    Love has nothing to do with it. I love ice cream but I don't want to marry it. Where are all the anti gay parades we should start organizing those.

  2. Tobiyah Ben Israel

    i agree and in the bible God says that being gay is an abomination (Leviticus 18:22). Homosexuality is very immoral and produces no benifits towards humanity. In fact, according to CDC, homosexual men and women are the leading carriers (most infected) with STDs, mainly HIV! NO MATTER WHAT LAW IS PASSED, I WILL ALWAYS DETEST AND PROTEST AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE. ITS DISGUSTING. if people like to so "Oh dont judge me because I'm gay"..thats equivalent to a pedofile saying " dont judge me because I'm a pedofile"..

  3. Mae Stamey

    Straight people has to stand up for their rights to and Gay is wrong when it's two men or two women, get the bible and read what it says about men sleeping with men and women with women and brothers with sisters, there is a long list of things that shouldn't be done under Gods laws and rules,

  4. Jaclyn Pugh

    Two comments below: So brainwashed by media propaganda of cult fiction.

  5. Steve Casman

    people used to use the bible to keep african americans in the bondage of slavery-religion is still being used to spread hate -It is the worst book of evil fairy tales ever created

  6. Anonymous

    I wish these gays would stay off the streets away from our children. Can't they futbuck in private?

  7. Trevor Curtis

    All the insults, hatred, bigotry and prejudice is coming from the religious christian people…. All the LOVE, KINDNESS, TOLERANCE and ACCEPTANCE is coming from the GAY or GAY FRIENDLY COMMUNITY.

  8. Anonymous

    Tobiyah Ben Israel – I see you are associated with the freaks at Future World of Israel. I think you need to look at your own people in Africa to see who is passing around HIV.

  9. Jazzy Cleveland

    I can tell by the mean spirited comments that religious people seem to keep forgetting to NOT PASS JUDGEMENT….*It's God's place to judge-not yours…*God doesn't make mistakes-go take a look in a mirror & worry about atoning for their sins….that's what the problem is- people want to be judge & jury on everyone, everything…IT IS NOT YOUR PLACE TO JUDGE & CREATE HATE….GOD IS ABOUT LOVE…

  10. Sharon Landon Mckee

    people mind your own business. in a few years this will be the norm. , black- whites marrying, gay marrying- it will be no big deal. prejudice is demeaning to everyone!

  11. John Calvosa

    Toby you got the cutest lips, want a big ol gay kiss?

  12. Betty Jo Guthrie

    I was there in the parade . And if you don't support it don't join us !!!

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