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Phoenix Coyotes Need Arena Deal To Fight Off Relocation

The Phoenix Coyotes are facing relocation.

The Phoenix Coyotes may be in jeopardy if they can’t come to an agreement on an arena deal in the city of Glendale. The team has until July 2 to come to an agreement, but if it doesn’t happen the NHL will look into moving the team.

Renaissance Sports & Entertainment has agreed to purchase the team, but only if they can come together with the city on an arena management deal. The NHL recently spoke out about the situation at a board of governors meeting this past Thursday.

“If the council doesn’t approve it so that this transaction can close, I don’t think the Coyotes will be playing there anymore,” NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said, according to CBC Sports.

“I find it difficult to conceive of why, if the council turns this down, we would want to keep the team in Glendale any longer,” he added about the tough situation that faces the Phoenix Coyotes. “And so we will then, if they turn it down, have to deal with the possibilities and the options that will be available to us, and they are numerous.”

It seems like the NHL is already doubting that a deal can be made. The Coyotes haven’t been too successful during their time in Arizona, but their play has picked up over the last few seasons and it has revitalized the fan base in the area.

No matter how much strength the team gains through its fans, the league will step in if an agreement isn’t made. They have plenty of alternatives for relocation, but Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly wasn’t ready to release those cities just yet.

“I think we tried to be clear that obviously there are a number of alternatives, and we have to decide which one is best for us in the short term,” Daly said about the possible relocation.

Do you think the Phoenix Coyotes will come to an agreement with Glendale or is a relocation on the way?

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18 Responses to “Phoenix Coyotes Need Arena Deal To Fight Off Relocation”

  1. Guido Luca

    Hope to god the city isnt stupid enough to cut a deal with them. Hockey doesnt belong in Phoenix and its been prooven now move them already.

  2. Guido Luca

    Jerry Weirs and council please be smart send them packing . Joke of a franchise.

  3. Jared Cyr

    Bring 'em to Hartford, we are REALLY missing the Whalers.

  4. Mike Wagner

    this is what happens when you build an arena 900 miles from the city. regardless, should have never moved there in the first place. and if were a resident of Glendale, where basic city and public services are in jeopardy if this ridiculous deal is approved.. I'd be outraged.

  5. Mike Wagner

    I know.. it's like this article was written three years ago.

  6. Guido Luca

    Coyotes fan lmfao see you in Seattle douche bag lol

  7. Guido Luca

    Regardless even if they stay in Glendale on either side will be an out clause so either way its only a matter of time and hockey in Arizona will be a thing of the past .

  8. Anthony Paray

    Joke's on Glendale either way. Either they continue to subsidize a money-losing franchise, or they subsidize an empty arena.

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