‘Guild Wars 2’ API To Be Opened Up To Players, Game Getting Bi-Weekly Updates

Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet announced that it is currently working on creating tools to allow its players access to the game’s API, opening up the door for the community to create their own tools and apps that can pull information directly from the game in real time.

“We have a team working on exposing some of the code to the player base,” Guild Wars 2 lead content designer Mike Zadorojny to PCGamesN (via PC Gamer).

“We have APIs the players can tie into. The fans are already working on a Google Maps for Tyria that lets you zoom in and see what’s going on at the individual map level. We’ve exposed what events are running and where they’re running too.”

It isn’t exactly clear what sort of information can be pulled from the API, but Zadorojny figures that the community will primarily create Android and iOS apps with the new tools. Pulling data from the in-game auction house is a possibility, but all we know for sure at the moment is that the game will be able to pull data from events and World vs World.

“We’ve exposed what events are running and where they’re running too, so say you’re on Metrica Province, you’ll be able to determine what events are on right now and where they are at that location,” Zadorojny explained. “If you want to know the current World versus World status and who owns what towers and keeps, all that information is being exposed. We’re going to keep adding new features and exposing more code.”

Fortunately for Guild Wars 2, that’s not the only good news as of late. In an interview with Gamerzines last week, Zadorojny said that the team plans on going into a bi-weekly update schedule. Currently, the game is updated roughly every three weeks.

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