Dylan Redwine's Remains Discovered

Dylan Redwine’s Remains Discovered In Colorado Forest

The remains of Dylan Redwine, 13, were discovered in a Colorado forest after an extensive five-day search of a forest service road. The teen went missing last November.

Sheriff’s Department spokesman Dan Bender announced the positive identification of bones discovered on USFS Middle Mountain Road this past week, saying they are of the missing teen.

The bones were found along with a variety of other items, though the department did not say if the items pertain to the case or not. Redwine’s remains were found eight to 10 miles away from the home of his father, Mark Redwine. Bender added:

“Our hearts and prayers go out to the family at this difficult time. We are pursuing this as a criminal investigation and not as an accident. All the family has been very cooperative, and continues to be.”

No suspects have been named in the case, which has now turned from a missing person’s case to a suspicious death. Dylan Redwine was last seen on November 18, when his father picked him up at the Durango-La Plata County Airport for a court-ordered Thanksgiving visit.

The boy’s mother, Elaine, stated that she last heard from her son when he texted her to say he had arrived. She reported him missing the next day. The parents of Dylan Redwine appeared on Dr. Phil in February, where they each accused the other of being responsible for their son’s disappearance.

Body of Missing Colorado Teen Found in Forest

The pair went through a long and very contentious divorce, which included a custody battle over Dylan. But Mark Redwine stated on Thursday that his focus is now on contacting his ex-wife to discuss arrangements for the burial of their son. But that could be difficult. After Thursday’s announcement, Mark stated that his ex-wife was driving down the street. When she saw him, she rolled down her window and shouted, “Murderer!”

Before Thursday’s announcement that Dylan Redwine’s remains were found, the community of Durango, Colorado held out hope for his return. Images of the teen were posted on fliers and posters taped up all around town. Mark Redwine disclosed that they only found four to five of Dylan’s bones. Because of this, they will continue searching. Authorities believe the young boy’s body was ravaged by wildlife in the area.