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Paula Deen Butter Wrapper Campaign: Angry Fans Stage Protest


Have you heard of the Paula Deen Butter Wrapper Campaign, aimed at Food Network after the channel kicked off the sponsorship bloodbath to which she was subject?

The Paula Deen Butter Wrapper Campaign is exactly what it sounds like — angry fans, enraged at Food Network’s first domino in a wave of Deen firings, are scheming to flood the channel with butter stick wrappers in the mail.

It’s certainly not the fault of Food Network that Paula Deen was axed by several companies, but it’s also understandable that fans feel like the channel’s decision led other brands to feel pressured to act in the same way.

The We Support Paula Deen Facebook page seems to have galvanized the Butter Wrapper Campaign, with a matching event on the social network.

One post reads:

“The Butter Wrapper Campaign: A company without Paula Deen is like an empty butter wrapper … Mail your letter of support for Paula Deen with a clean, empty butter wrapper to (The Food Network, The Scripps Networks, Caesars Entertainment Corp, Sears Corp, Wal-Mart Corp, QVC, Novo Nordisk, and Walgreens.)”

A We Support Paula Deen page member posted the following message, with the image below:

“Okay, I liked what [a fellow fan] did with the clip art, so I did one better using a favorite Paula product in my kitchen. I was harsh, but I’m sending this to The FoodNetjerks and the retailers with the butter wrappers.”

paula deen butter wrapper campaign

If you are interested in joining the efforts of the Paula Deen support camp or mailing the companies that dumped Deen to express your displeasure, head on over to We Support Paula Deen or the event page for more information on protesting Deen’s firing.

Currently, more than 530,000 Facebook users have joined the Paula Deen support page to demand her return to air.