Woman orgasm

Woman Experiences Unwanted Orgasms In Her Left Foot

A 55-year-old Dutch woman has revealed that she experiences unwanted orgasms in her left foot, which occur without any sexual arousal.

The female’s condition has never been seen before, and it sees the unnamed individual have five or six times a day, even when she hasn’t had a dirty or perverse thought.

It is believed that this orgasmic sensation travels up her left leg to her genitals, where they feel just like the orgasms she experiences during sexual intercourse.

She is thought to be the only person in the world who suffers from this unique condition, whilst Dr Marcel Waldinger, a professor at Utrecht University in Holland, has also added to the condition by stating that even after studying MRI scans of her brain and foot there are no reasons for this to be occurring.

It has since been stated that there are slight differences between the nerves in her right and left feet, which could lead to this sensation.

Dr. Waldinger told Live Science that he caused an instant orgasm in the woman’s foot after he stimulated it with an electric current, and researchers have since added that they believe they came about as a result of a signalling mix-up in her brain.

It has also been revealed that 18 months before the start of the unwanted sexual feelings the woman developed a sepsis infection and was in intensive care for three weeks.

She then stated that after being in the coma and when she woke up, she noticed a tingling sensation in her left foot.┬áIt is thought that damage to the nerve’s in her foot fibres have caused her issues.

The problem has been exacerbated as the nerve that delivers this information from her foot reaches her spinal cord at the same time as the nerve that delivers information from her genitals.

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