Clerks 3 Kickstarter

Kevin Smith Explains Why ‘Clerks 3’ Doesn’t Have A Kickstarter Campaign

Kevin Smith said he could have easily generated millions of dollars for Clerks 3 on Kickstarter. However, he just doesn’t want to do it.

The filmmaker has already made his thoughts and feelings about crowdfunding perfectly clear. However, Smith apparently isn’t finished discussing Kickstarter or how much money he could have raised if he started a campaign for Clerks 3.

While chatting with the folks at The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Smith revealed he could have easily amassed around $5 million to $7 million in funding for his upcoming project. However, the director feels he simply has access too much money to start asking his fans for hand-outs.

“If our Kickstarter video had been me just walking out in front of a blackboard and writing ‘Clerks’ and then ‘III’ after it, without much more than that, we probably would have easily [raised] $5 million to $7 million bucks,” Smith explained.

Just because the filmmaker isn’t using Kickstarter for Clerks 3 doesn’t mean he’s violently opposed to the concept. According to Worst Previews, Kevin Smith said he “loves the idea” of crowdfunding and “desperately” wants to take advantage of it.

“I do have access to money. If I don’t use my own money, I can always hit up some of my famous friends. I feel like I should leave [Kickstarter] for the [filmmakers] that really need it at this point,” Smith explained to THR.

The Chasing Amy director told USA Today earlier this month that he’s simply too far along in his career to take advantage of something like Kickstarter. When it comes to Clerks 3, Kevin Smith said he’s going the traditional route by securing studio funding.

“There’s a bunch of cats like me looking to make their first film. You jump in there and soak up all that money as the big fish in that small pond, that’s money that’s not going to go to somebody who really needs it,” he said.

Smith said he hopes to have the third and reportedly final installment of the Clerks franchise on the big screen at some point during 2014.

Are you a fan of director Kevin Smith? What do you think about the filmmaker refusing to use Kickstarter money to fund Clerks 3?