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Don West Ice Cream Photo Backlash Leaves Daughter ‘Mortified’

Don West ice cream


As if the “knock knock” joke wasn’t bad enough, Zimmerman defense lawyer Don West sparked even more controversy and backlash this week after his daughter posted an ice cream selfie during the trial’s recess with an insensitive caption.

As we reported yesterday, a photo of West and his daughters enjoying ice cream cones in a car together was posted to daughter Molly West’s Instagram account during the Zimmerman trial’s recess.

The selfie was taken by Don West himself, and included the caption “We beat stupidity celebration cones” along with the hashtags #zimmerman, #defense and #dadkilledit.

Naturally, this post was blasted for its insensitivity, and Molly West’s Instagram and Twitter accounts have gone inactive.

BuzzFeed made a timeline using local media sources covering the Zimmerman trial, and determined that the photo was likely taken on the first day of the trial (after the ill-fated “knock knock” joke), and before the incredibly controversial testimony of Rachel Jeantel.

Early critics of Don West’s ice cream selfie thought that the photo was taken in the midst of Jeantel’s testimony, and that the “we beat stupidity” line was in reference to the witness.

In any case, a spokesperson for the West family has confirmed that the photo is indeed real, and that Molly West is “mortified” by the reaction she has gotten. She also apologized for the “grossly insensitive” photo.

Don West also commented on the ice cream photo:

“We’re not always proud of things our children do, but we love them anyway, and then we move on,” he said.

Here’s Don West’s ice cream photo one more time. Let us know what you think:

don west ice cream photo

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9 Responses to “Don West Ice Cream Photo Backlash Leaves Daughter ‘Mortified’”

  1. Lillian DeBroux

    These elitist losers give white people a bad name. SMH It's not enough that he makes a living defending many people who are guilty but then he has to make fun of the less fortunate. HE'S PATHETIC

  2. Marcia Manzello

    Call it a hunch, but I get the feeling, that the Trayvon Martin trial is about to get really interesting for an entirely different reason next week! Stay tuned America #MollyDumbWest.

  3. Joan Perot

    If this was in response to Dad's stupidity that 1st day of the trial – then she shouldn't have added all those hashtags. Really sick that she doesn't understand that one young man lost his life & another man may lose his as well – regardless of the facts. This is the most firey case since the Rodney King trial. The facts in the Zimmerman case have been skewed, mis-reported & worse. The guy needs a fair trial – we all want fair trials. And this little spoiled – non-thinking girl makes herself look as stupid as her daddy. Molly, an ice cream cone doesn't fix your daddy's "stupidity". And you look like you were talking about someone else.

  4. Mahmoud Cohen

    Good. I hope that ice cream was extra delicious. The fact that Zimmerman is even at trial is a sign of a broken justice system. All because of stupid racist ni**ers wanted to see a white man get lynched.

  5. Shane Rogers

    Meh, this doesn't bother me that much. It was taken before Rachel took the stand and the dad obviously had nothing to do with the caption. Just a case of stupid, insensitive kids. Move on…

  6. Pam Whiteside

    You almost have to feel sorry for her, look who raised her. She obviously doesn't have se strength of spirit to overcome the influence of her callous, un-evolved father. Maybe in her next life.

  7. Anonymous

    Wait untill daddy finds out his daughter is pregnant for a black man.

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