Kate Middleton baby playlist

Kate Middleton Creating A Playlist For Royal Birth

Kate Middleton is reportedly planning a special playlist for the impending royal birth.

As the event continues to be scrutinized down to the last detail, now reports are coming out that Kate is in the midst of choosing some special music for the birth of her first born and heir to the throne.

According to sources, the Duchess of Cambridge is getting a little stir crazy in her third trimester and after it was revealed that her due date would be sooner rather than later she is trying to take care of every detail.

But the royal is not picking soothing classical music to have in her room while delivering. E! reports that she’s looking at top pop hits to keep her relaxed during the event.

“She has been filling her iPod with music she wants playing while she’s in labor,” a source claims. “The other day she downloaded some of Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris and Of Monsters and Men.”

Kate Middleton is known for enjoying the top performers in the music industry. The royal couple had English singer Ellie Goulding performing at their wedding reception.

The new baby will also have his or her own special song. Classical artist Paul Mealor has written a song specifically for the heir.

The piece, titled Sleep On, is a lullaby that was created by the world famous composer.

Hayley Westenra will record the song and will be releasing the track just in time for the new royal’s arrival.

“After writing music for the royal wedding, it seemed natural to provide the musical accompaniment for the next stage in the royal couple’s journey together.” Mealor said in a statement.

Westenra commented on the exciting opportunity, saying, “Paul and I got to work together on a song called Sleep On in honor of William and Kate’s new arrival as it’s such a joyous occasion which we can all celebrate.”

Are you excited for Kate Middleton’s new baby to arrive?

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