teen kills 5-year-old neighbor with bowling ball

Texas Teen Confessed To Fatally Beating 5-Year-Old With Bowling Ball

Fort Worth, TX – Details emerged during a detention hearing Friday, where a 13-year-old Texas teen confessed to brutally killing his 5-year-old neighbor – hitting Sida Osman twice in the head with a bowling ball.

A bowling ball is a spherical plastic, reactive resin, or urethane ball with a maximum circumference of 27 inches. They are bored with three finger holes, and used in the sport of bowling. Generally bowling balls range from six pounds to 16 pounds in weight. The maximum limit allowed in tournaments or league games is 16 pounds, but balls can be manufactured up to 20 pounds.

Police state the unnamed suspect – who is not being officially identified in reports because he is a minor – and Sida went into a fenced backyard of a vacant house in the 4800 block of Lois Street.

Thereafter, the 13-year-old became irritated with Sida and hit him multiple times in the head with the blunt spherical object, causing his death, according to the Star-Telegram.

The teen was found crying after the attack, and Sida’s body was found Wednesday, about 18 hours after he was last seen riding his bicycle.

Thursday, the teen was arrested on a capital murder warrant. Slayings of children under 6 constitute capital murder in Texas, but because the suspect is under 14, he is not eligible to be certified as an adult in trial, reports the Huffington Post.

No additional details have been provided as to the circumstances leading up to the attack – if it was premeditated or why the teenager had a bowling ball; acquiring it at the scene or bringing it along.

The teenager will remain in custody and has been appointed an attorney. The suspect had been in and out of juvenile detention and was on probation at the time of the killing, according to a family friend. Relatives of the slain 5-year-old did not attend the court hearing; they were preparing for Sida’s funeral.

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