Combs recently opened up about his career goals moving forward.

P. Diddy Opens Up About Career Goals Moving Forward

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs rose to fame in the music industry, but hes become a jack of all trades throughout his career. The 43-year-old recently opened up about his career goals after all of his success to this point.

The popular entrepreneur and rapper has seemed to find himself in any and all opportunities these days and he’s still growing his multiple brands on a daily basis. He recently spoke to L.A. Confidential about his goals of making an impact in a “monumental way.”

“Honestly, I’ve never been someone who does just one thing; that’s not who I am,” he said. “Life’s way too short. My goal has always been to excel in every direction and in a monumental way; to be number one in whatever I like to do—and I like to do a lot.”

Celebrities regularly throw money into select ventures during their careers, but none have been as successful as Combs within the trade.”P. Diddy” has proven that he can make a difference well outside of rapping and his dedication to hard work has even influenced some of the best in the music industry today.

“For me,” he went on to say, “the most powerful art form ever created was music, and that’s still my greatest love, but I’ve always viewed myself as an entrepreneur more than just a music person. Being more than ‘just a’ frees me up to amplify my passions and opportunities.”

He’s a role model to many for his dedication to anything and everything he puts his hands on. Over the past few years, he’s lived a top-class lifestyle as a businessman, so to speak, while continuing to enhance the lives of thousands through his music.

From taking the stage for a performance to running a company, Combs has done it all and has no plans of slowing down any time soon.

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