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An All-Plinko Episode Of ‘The Price Is Right’ Has Been Taped, Expected On Screens This Fall

This fall, viewers of The Price is Right will get an all-plinko episode treat.

The reason behind this decision seems to be a combination of two things. Firstly, host, Drew Carey, has apparently always wanted to do a plinko exclusive show, and secondly, with the 30th anniversary of the game coming up the CBS producers decided to grant his wish.

When executive producer, Mike Richards, was speaking to Buzzfeed he had this to say:

“When we realized it was the 30th anniversary of Plinko, we wanted to do something special. And [host] Drew [Carey] and I have always wanted to do an all-Plinko show. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to keep trotting it out.”

No doubt all of us are familiar with the incredibly addictive and slightly frustrating plinko game, and if not, where have you been?

The “most popular pricing game” has been around since 1983, so if you’ve somehow managed to miss out, it might be best to try and catch up on the times before the all-plinko episode airs. In the name of research of course.

Just in case you don’t fancy “researching”, here’s a little bit of information regarding the simple rules of the game.

To begin with the contestants are asked to guess the retail price of four products, for every correct answer they give they will receive one Plinko chip (though one bonus chip is granted to all the players).

After all the chip winning, the contestants then climb up to the top of the Plinko board and try to see how the chips plink down the board (see what I did there?).

It all depends on luck after that, they could win up to $10,000 or they could walk away with nothing; check out Snoop Dog winning big if you don’t quite believe me.

According to reports so far, the episode was recorded Wednesday with all the audience members completely unaware of the shows exclusive content until the cameras started rolling.

With so much history crammed into the game, it’s no wonder that the all-plinko episode seems to already be a hit before its even aired. Just so you can write down in your diaries the date of the episode, it will be on TV screens September 27 of this year.


[Image via NYDailyNews]