Girl Attacked By Pit Bull In Intensive Care

Girl Attacked By Pit Bull In Intensive Care

A 7-year-old girl, who was attacked by a pit bull while playing in the street in Lubbock, TX Wednesday is now in intensive care.

Lindsey Westbrook first knew her daughter, Randa, was hurt when her neighbor, Steve Cortez, ran to her house with Randa in his arms.

“He had seen her out of his kitchen window and he ran to her. By that time she was face down in her blood with her hands over her head,” she said. “I couldn’t really assess what had happened … She had so much blood all over her, just draining down her face.”

The little girl who was attacked by the pit bull suffered puncture wounds to her neck and deep cuts across her face. She also almost lost part of her ear.

“She had deep gashes on her right cheek, she had a couple of punctures in her throat, her ear was pretty much just hanging … She had deep lacerations in the corner of her eye,” Ms. Westbrook said.

She said that she believes the dog wouldn’t have let her go if Steve didn’t come to the rescue.

The pit bull belonged to a couple in the neighborhood, Rudy and Angie Hernandez. They have owned the dog for 12 years and she attacked another person last year. The Hernandez family said that they will put the dog to sleep.

Randa isn’t the only person to be attacked by a pit bull lately. Two men in Murrieta, Calif. were mauled by a pit bull Friday.

An air conditioning repairman and his 80-year-old father were viciously attacked. A neighbor heard the elderly man’s screams and called 911.

“He was calling out for help, but I could not make out what he was saying,” he said.

The elderly man was bitten in the stomach, arms and the back of his knees. He was taken to a hospital and is in critical condition.

The girl who was attacked by a pit bull will be examined again next year to see if she needs more surgeries.

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