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Woman Who Cut Off Husband’s Penis Gets Life In Prison

Woman Who Cut Off Husband's Penis Gets Life In Prison

A California woman who cut off her husband’s penis received a life sentence with the possibility of parole after seven years on Friday.

The incident occurred in July 2011 when Catherine Kieu was going through a divorce with her husband. She put the sleep medication Ambien in his dinner after they argued about a friend staying with them.

When he fell asleep, Kieu tied his legs and arms to the bed. After he woke up, the woman cut off her husband’s penis with a knife. She didn’t stop there. Kieu threw the penis in a garbage disposal and mutilated it.

Kieu’s now ex-husband described the trauma he went through during sentencing.

“The convicted (person) viciously deprived me of part of my life and identity,” the ex-husband told the court. “Then, as is routine in cases of violence that involve something sexual, the victim must endure, at the hands of the defense, a second attack. This was a cruel and calculated violation of a person’s body and mind. I now struggle with what is before me. She has torn off my identity as a man. She has caused doubt in my belief in good. She has betrayed my trust in people.”

During the trial, Kieu’s lawyer said that she suffered from mental health issues and shouldn’t be convicted. However, the jury still found her guilty of one felony count of torture and one felony count of aggravated mayhem.

The 50-year-old’s ex-husband said he wished Kieu received more time behind bars.

“Deep down inside I was hoping for a stronger sentence, but given the restraints of the law this is what he had to do,” he said.

“There may be a situation where I can be happy, but whole? Never… I’ve got a long ways to go.”

Do you think the woman who cut off her husband’s penis received a harsh sentence?

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113 Responses to “Woman Who Cut Off Husband’s Penis Gets Life In Prison”

  1. Debbie Varney Pratt

    7 years is not enough. To pull a "Bobbet" on him was cruel and evil. How would she have felt had he chopped off her breasts?

  2. Brian Leese

    What she did is far worse for a man than a woman losing her breasts.He can never enjoy sex now nor make love.A woman without breasts can still do both.He will have the desire but not the mechanics.Hellish frustration I would imagine!

  3. Carmen Medina

    She should serve more time in jail…lets say about 15 to 20 years…that's a horrible thing to do to another human being.

  4. Brenda Burd

    this is just awful. Yes I think she should have gotten alot stiffer sentence. I don't see how anyone could do this kind of act.

  5. Keri Swanson

    More like cutting her vagina area up… There's always other ways of hurting a Man Mentally instead of Physically..

  6. Kathy Reh Crosswhite

    7 years is not enought time for her
    Now he has to go thru hell I can't believe she did that if they were having problems one of them should of just left
    Well she left now but not long enough time

  7. Hope Conteh

    She will get what she deserves when SHE COMES OUT OF PRISON.

  8. Dawn Moran Machroli Searle

    Actually, she got a pretty stiff sentence…

  9. Jessica Frank

    I think it's a bit harsh….men can mutilate and rape women but only receive 25 years. Life for cutting off a penis? That's a bit much.

  10. Keturah Carraher

    I hear people saying "7 yrs is not enough"…… she actually got LIFE with PAROLE eligibility in 7 yrs….. she will be serving time much longer than 7 yrs……. just not in a jail cell.

  11. D Dittrich Newman

    Seven years for permanent mutilation? Should have been seventy w no parole.

  12. Ray Wood

    Jeffrey Mullins she is eligible to get out after 7 years, but in reality, it is EXTREMELY unlikely that would happen. She will likely be in jail for 20-30 years before being paroled, if she is ever paroled.

  13. Rose Blankenship

    If he was in bed with another woman………….yes, but he wasn't so she should spend time in prison….it's bad when child molesters get so little time in prison and they are not able to ever be rehabilitated, but hopefully this woman does.

  14. Linda Liebermann Evans

    First, what were the grounds for the divorce? Was he dipping it in other places? Was he abusive? Verbally or physically? Did he rape her?

  15. John Zaffino

    Harsh? Are you crazy, or just a damned sadist? He didn't mutilate his wife, so this is not revenge, and she can get out after 7 years. Not harsh enough.

  16. Kiah Nicole Poulos

    I cant believe she put it in the disposal. I would have made him eat it.

  17. Jack Ovak

    Can't even compare this to Bobbit. He was lucky enough to have his penis surgically re-attached.

  18. Jack Ovak

    Can't even compare this to Bobbit. He was lucky enough to have his penis surgically re-attached.

  19. Valarie Coppola

    5-10 is a good sentence.
    And I don't feel sorry for him. You people are ridiculous with the time people spend in prison.
    What happens if he cheated and would have brought her home AIDS? He wouldn't get a jail sentence. I think she should serve time, but not life.

  20. Valarie Coppola

    5-10 is a good sentence.
    And I don't feel sorry for him. You people are ridiculous with the time people spend in prison.
    What happens if he cheated and would have brought her home AIDS? He wouldn't get a jail sentence. I think she should serve time, but not life.

  21. Susan Watts

    it depends on what he's doing with it. if he is sharing it with other women (or heaven forbid men) I don't blame her at all.

  22. Tina Thomas

    The reason Lorena Bobbit got off is there was some type of abuse accusation that turned out to be founded. She also didn't throw it in the disposal and it was re-attached. This woman did this out of pure spite and hate. This WAS torture. @Jessica Frank: Just because SOME men do this, especially in other cultures doesn't mean that this guy did ANYTHING to her. You are wrong.

  23. Brycen Edwards

    You know what Muslims cut off their daughters clit when she turns 13. They dont even get jail time for that BS so the woman who cut off her husbands dick should definitely not get life. She is not doing anything different than the cowards who are so afraid of female sexuality its a religious mandate to cut off their daughters sex function. Fair is fair. Honestly after the Bobbit incident so many men have used that BS as a plea for false restraining orders she probably just did the male population a favor. Now the judges will believe your whinny tushes when you try to lie under oath about that bs.

  24. Kellie Hunt

    Mental Health issues or not, she deserves what she gets, its not nearly harsh enough. That kind of torture and mutilation, then mutiliating the penis in the garbage disposal so he had no chance of having it reattached like Lorana Bobbits husband did after she cut his off. At least he was able to have it surgically reattached, then the guy even went into porn because people were so curious about what had happened. this guy can't even live a normal life, It may have been more humane to have just killed him, but seriously I pray for this man because I'm sure it'll be hard to move forward. I know there's women out there, who would understand and I'm sure love the guy regardless, but for him, it'll be difficult to even open himself up to the idea that someone would want to be with him. I hope he has a good support system, family who will reassure him that he's still a man, and someone can love him, and be with him. You know this type of thing, I may have cheered on if he was a child molester or rapist, but that doesn't appear to be the case, he's just a man, who maybe had some flaws, but none deserving this. Lord watch out for your son, help him to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually, help him to find fulfilment and love in this life, do not let this wicked women destroy him any further.

  25. Mark Losben

    You must be insane. First of all, she'll probably be out of jail in 7 years. He'll never have his penis back. And as awful as rape is, the woman can still have sex with someone she loves (if she chooses to) – her scars are only emotional, plus she will be able to go the bathroom, he will not. She should have her vagina closed up plus at LEAST 25 years in jail. THAT would be more fair! Harsh? Hardly. More like a free ride.

  26. Cindy Sanford

    She not only took away what identifies him as a man, she also killed any chance for him to have a life with a new wife to have his children. That woman should NEVER go free.

  27. Bill Staples

    What OTHER men do should have no bearing on what this case. You're condoning the punishment of EVERY male on the planet because of what a few do.

  28. Mark Losben

    What if? What if? What if she was the one with aids? The "article" didn't say these things. Why are you making excuses for her? She'll be out in 7 years. Had it been a man he would be in jail forever . Nice double standard.

  29. Amy Winter

    What isnt mentioned here is what could of been going on behind the scenes. Was he abusive? Did he commit adulty? Did he belittle her? If there is a yes to any of these questions, then if she endured it long enough it could of driven her to do this especially if she already had mental issues. So although it was wrong of her to do such a thing, depending on the circumstances in her mind she may of believed she didnt have a choice.

  30. Mark Losben

    Even if he as in bed with another woman, so what???? Get divorced then. Her lawyer will probably figuratively rape him in court anyway.

  31. Julie Goldberg

    No normal person could not, nor even think of doing this to another human being. I think it's an animalistic and unhumane act. There is something that is off in her brain. She needs to pay the price. She ruined his life in more ways than one, and now he must suffer the rest of his life. I say 20 years in prison for destroying another human being. Yes. No doubt in my mind.

  32. Bruce Stewart

    Bad enough she cut it off, but to then utterly destroy his manhood in such a grisly and permanent manner…. I think life imprisonment without parole is too lenient of a sentance. What manner of life can this man have now?
    Granted I don't know the history of their marriage, but they were still living together awaiting their divorce. He obviously felt safe enough around her to eat the meal she prepared for him.

  33. Melissa Whiffen

    I'd have to hear the entire story. If she suffered with mental illness, that's one thing. If she was of sound mind and just being vicious, 7 years is no way near long enough. Or if he were abusive during their marriage, that would influence my decision. If the man did nothing to her and she did this, she's evil. She should never get a chance at parole in 7 years!

  34. Linda Schueller

    she drugged him tied him off and the cut off his brain and mutilated it yes she deserves a lil harsher sentence…wonder what he did to drive her to this? still she didn't need to go that far.

  35. Dottie Clouse Clark

    Id like to know how an ambien knocked him out so far as she could tie him up? this stuff has never knocked me out
    it just seems to weird but who knows maybe it was more then one dose, i dont think I could ever trust a person who could cut anyone especially one uve sworn to love. So I say this move also ruined her life, Id say a good 20 years in there would make her even more mean!!

  36. Carol Gunter Watson

    I agree.. Whew…. I'm glad we agree on something today :) <3

  37. Robin Brownell

    I think I'd like to know why and what has happened between them for her to go off in such an extreme way this time. Could be some really bad blood between them and what if they were violent to each other…

  38. Monea Mcclain

    ….for better or for WORSE… SICKNESS and in Health….till death do you part…….I think the former wife took the vows to literal…………..SMH!

  39. B Rad Estrada

    I think she should get life with out parole! that man was drugged! it was obviously premeditated! and on top of that she threw his man hood in the garbage disposal so he will never get it back! that's worse than rape that's torcher! who know how long and how much he bled out for there's alot of veins! could be attempt of murder too! and he cant piss the same anymore could die of infection! she had time to consider what she was doing when she tied him to the bed! and waiting till he woke up to watch it happen just makes it even worse!

  40. Douglas Bateson

    What Jessica? a bit Harsh? the BITCH cut off his manhood. Rape isnt right but the Woman can still have a normal life after it.

  41. Snowfazam Holmes

    I am reading the posts of he can never enjoy sex now. Hum I do believe that was the idea! Seems to me there must be more to this than is being stated on her side. Doesn't seem she just came into doing this thing on a sudden and just simply for no reason! And NOTICE his main is his SEX life! Hum~ I'm not saying she was right but he SURE can't be fully innocent himself!

  42. B Rad Estrada

    I think she should get life with out parole!! that man was drugged!! it was obviously premeditated!!! and on top of that she threw his man hood in the garbage disposal so he will never get it back!! thats worse than rape thats torcher!! who know how long and how much he bled out for theres alot of veins!! could be attempt of murder too!! and he cant piss the same anymore could die of infection!! she had time to consider what she was doing when she tied him to the bed!! and waiting till he woke up to watch it happen just makes it even worse!!

  43. Keith Hamby


  44. Veronica A Hester

    I don't condone what she did at all, but I do disagree with "if it had been a man he would be in jail forever". There are many male child molesters, and male rapists that get a much lighter sentence than this.

  45. Peter Yates

    This bloke didnt rape her did he. Rapist deserve a quick trip to the rope along with murderers and pedophiles. So no this isnt too much, this was a sadistic crime that probably deserves a one ticket to a solitary cell until the day she dies of old age.

  46. Joy Blackburn

    This is so sad. Poor guy.. I hope he finds some comfort in his life. Life in prison is proper. This guy has to live the rest of his life in misery. Well hopefully no misery but possibly misery.

  47. Jake O'Bryan

    That's just wrong! I believe she needs a life sentence because she might as well have murdered him. A man that's had his cock ripped from him can never live the life of a normal man no matter how much therapy he has. Plus she purposely ruined his ability to reproduce..which should carry strict penalties for many different reasons.

  48. Mannshjj Sarah

    No he would not be in jail forever, even a long time. Whether you believe it or not there is still the notion of "boys will be boys" in the American legal Justice System. It's perfectly OK for a man to sexually molest a woman at the workplace and sleep around, have kids that he doesn't intend to pay for but when a woman does these things, it is shocking. Also what this woman did is torture, not quite on par as accidentally (or even intentionally) giving someone a disease.

  49. Joy Blackburn

    Yea she needs life for sure. I agree. It's horrible what she did. This guy will forever be reminded of the damage she did to him.

  50. Mannshjj Sarah

    I find it hilarious how everyone is talking about how evil this women is. Yet, look at any page on Female Genital Mutilation and you will see hordes of (mostly men) hijacking the conversation to complain about male circumcision, as if the torturing of females is irrelevant or just not as important as "the almighty CAWK", and even some people justifying the practice. Give me a break, you fellows do NOT have it rough. This lady here is one in a million, who also lacks honor. We used to have honor when it came to bouts of anger, we lost it as a people. Now, this is what you get. Anyone who can torture another human being in such a way, (of both genders) deserves the worst.

  51. Becky Baker-Christner

    She should NEVER get out, she's dangerous! What a horrible thing to do to him!

  52. Elizabeth Gaier

    Ok here's the thing, I'm just guessing because we don't have the WHOLE story, he was an asshole and I'm just guessing he beat her and/or other abuse. Permanent damage? I don't think so, if they can make women men, his lack of original penis can be made bigger and better. Maybe the second time around he'll think twice before being a jerk. Maybe the life sentence was too harsh but the 7 years no, plenty of time for her to learn the lesson.

  53. Jenny Matzke

    THis almost made me cry when I read it. I can't even imagine if someone cut off one of my body parts and then destroyed it.

  54. Linda Sardi Tremonti

    NO! She got off easy. Had it been the other way around, and the husband cut off her breasts with a knife, he would have gotten and suffered the "harsher" sentence!

  55. Teliz Gonzalez

    Cut penis men who rape women if it should be done, but do not by choice.

  56. Mike Turner

    hmmm , i cant imagine a circumstance were one didnt have a choice to cut off a penis, she premeditated this tied him up and carried it out. i say kill the bitch.

  57. Rita Batt

    Not near harsh enough! 7 years for mutilating someone? It was premeditated, as she drugged him to do it! 25 years would have been reasonable!

  58. Lee Mcdonald

    If I had been him, she would not be in prison, she would be dead, hello.

  59. Robert Brown

    What she did is so grotesque should keep this crazed woman in jail for at least 15-20 without parole to teach her and send a message any other sick individuals like her, no excuses under the sun for this type of behaviour toward another human or even a animal, totally off the hook.

  60. Kathryn Matthews

    I think it's fair, she shouldn't have hurt him like that.

  61. Claude Justice Venter

    How would she have felt, If her husband cut off her boobs or mutilated her unmentionables?
    She would have wanted the same thing for him prison wise.
    or okay, She sounds like a maniac so she'd likely want him dead.

  62. Raisha Renee

    How are people comparing rape to cutting off someone's penis. And someone else said the he deserved to get his penis chopped off? That is really disturbing!

  63. Elaine Eckart

    I think, his life, no matter what, is not worth taking any of mine. Just getting a divorce and not having to live with him any longer should have been enough.

  64. Anonymous

    Wrong, certainly, but why all the hysteria and hatred for this perpetrator when hundreds of thousands girls are genitally mutilated every year (FGM) and deprived of their womanhood for life (without ever having one orgasm but forced to a lifetime of rapist torture by men under "cultural diversity")? Even if subordinated women who themselves were FGM in childhood grow up participate in the FGM of their daughters, it is men who invented FGM for their own sadistic reasons. Why no outcry about FGM when you find outrageous that a man lost his ability to have sex? At least he won't be subjected to heterosexual torture simply by the excruciating pain and damage from intercourse (with male penises) the way FGM females are. At least in the California criminal case the ex-wife who took his precious "manhood" will do at least 7 years in jail. Nobody stops FGM. Nobody goes to jail for FGM. Certainly not the men who invented this torturous deprivation of females' womanhood and enforce it around the world.

  65. Dani Rivera

    Mark Losben…he may never get his penis back, but I bet he won't ever cheat or mistreat another woman again in his life! Seeing that none of us lived in their home, we have no idea what he has done to her. Women do not go to this extreme for no reason!

  66. Lisa McCoy

    Yeah…I was wondering if he cheated on her? If so, then he got what he deserved! Ditto if he abused her.

  67. Lisa McCoy

    And he did cheat on her! He still hasnt learned and now is out screwing a buncha hos for money? Its ridiculous

  68. Jasmin Garcia

    No, I do blame her. They were getting a divorce. It was over. If this was my son that she had done this to, jail would be the least she would have to worry about.

  69. Jasmin Garcia

    It doesn't mater if he cheated or not. They were in a divorce. It was over. She should have just moved on and thought of the future. Did she really think she would get away with this. Some people are just too controlling. Maybe this is why they were getting a divorce. She could be one of those crazy people. I don't blame him if he did cheat on her. He probably hated being with her. That's why people cheat they are not happy. And this is why divorce exists.

  70. Michelle Keeley

    I think because it was pre meditated she deserves what she gets…however I believe child sex offenders and rapist deserve to have their penis's chopped off grrrrrrrrrr. She should have gone after one of them and I would have given her a medal 😛

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