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Taylor Swift Talks Success Of Red Tour

She is currently very pleased with the tour so far.

Taylor Swift is currently living it up on her Red Tour that includes stops across the United States. The popular singer has a following unlike any other and she’s been hitting the stage in front of thousands ever since the summer began.

She recently opened up about the start of her new tour and she seems quite pleased with its success so far. The 23-year-old recently made a stop in Dallas, Texas at Cowboys Stadium, which she called an “insane” experience.

“As far as you look there are people. It was just crazy,” she told MTV News. “We’ve been doing a lot of stadiums on this tour and every time we play a new stadium, I’m like, that’s the highlight of the tour.”

Most artists tend to stay away from reading the papers and keeping up with the latest gossip, but Swift actually got some relief from noticing reviews from major music publications about her Red Tour. Taylor Swift is just a normal musician with worries and concerns after all.

“After Rolling Stone comes to a concert and gives their review, and when they gave their review I was like, ‘OK, OK, OK. We’re fine,'” she added.

Her next stop is in Canada on Saturday before returning to the states for a performance in Pittsburgh. She’ll continue on through the summer before finishing up in Nashville in late September.

The tour will make one stop in Kansas City, Missouri on August 3 which may have some controversy behind it. The notorious Westboro Baptist Church is preparing to protest the singer after they claimed she is a “proud whore.”

Outside of performing in front of thousands of fans, she’s also preparing to write new music towards a new album. Most critics continually bash Swift for her lyrics, but that isn’t going to stop her from putting together one hit album after another.

Have you bought tickets to see Taylor Swift on her Red Tour?


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3 Responses to “Taylor Swift Talks Success Of Red Tour”

  1. Draven Miltenberger

    I've always hated WBC. now I just fucking hate them more. hell has a special place for them. and karma holds them in her heart.

  2. Anonymous

    I have never been to the Westboro Baptist Church but I do read the Holy Bibie and I try to follow it as best I can. God does not hate. He says to "Love one another." He says, "Love your enemies." He says, "Judge not least yes be judged.l" I wish I were perfect. Then, I have not yet met Jesus Christ in person as yet. He is the only perfect one. I have seen the Lord three times this past year or so due to my health. And I do believe that we are in a period called The Rapture and peace in Damascus, Syria is critical or Biblical prophecy may come to pass. I continue to work for world peace and peace among all people. Christ the healer. Christ the teacher. Christ the mediator.

    Taylor Swift has had an incredible career. So young at the start and so much talent. Boyfriends, yes, a few more than most probably. She just has not found the right one to settle down with as yet. She is only twenty three. There is time still and when you have a life and name like hers it must be difficult to have a private relationship and one that is built on rock to last the duration of lifetime commitment. Then, some young career professionals no longer what that. After one gets older and has lost a partner or loved one, we often don't want anyone else 24 hours a day, 7 days a week either. Taylor Swift is a celebrity. For some that is great. For others it poses challenges especially with regard to relationships, family life and privacy. Again, "Judge not least yes be judged."

    I was a little put off that Taylor Swift would write a song about Tim McGraw when he was married happily to Faith Hill. I love them both because of adoption issues. And I lived and tried to work in Massachusetts so I knew how that would go. Leonardo DiCaprio is a favorite of mine so I hope that he is spared any embarassment or heartbreak. That song, "We will never ever, ever get back together" really haunts me on the subject of forgiveness. "To err is human. To forgive is Divine." One for me that I also have to keep in check. My marriage ended when I could not forgive and all were hurt by it. As I say, "No one is perfect except Jesus Christ."

    Taylor Swift has a wonderful opportunity to be the role model for young women and I really think that she does very well with that. I was sorry when she left Nashville really. I finally made it out there a year ago. I had always wanted to go to Nashville, Tennessee. Needed to continue on to Memphis too. Next trip. Sixty now and Cher and I need to get together for tea. The voice just isn't what it once was. Maybe voice can help. Or, less pollution. Oh to be, twenty three. I loved Nashville.

    Times are tough still for so many. Crossing every T and dotting every I. We are all human. We need to make our own choices and decisions. "The bigger they are the harder they fall." And for me, being Irish means "the pride before the fall" right out of The Departed with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson. So, it is not easy at the top. Sometimes they stand alone on top of that very high hill. Takes a tough survivor of many things. One needs the process I once learned in "disconnecting from emotional pain and abuse." Hollywood and the music industry are not easy on anyone really. Dolly Parton overcoming her odds, The Judds with the "Big Toe" and reasons for him, Willie Nelson back with the tax ordeal which my Mother actually suffered over for him. She died at 88 in 2009. This is just one more criticism of Taylor Swift. Westboro Baptist Church now, or again. Are they really newsworthy if they themselves are not following The WORD? Signs of hatred. Signs of judgement. This is not about God's love. This is not about "unconditional love" as in 1 Corinthians 12. This is not about Peace. "Blessed be the peacemakers for theirs shall be the Kingdom of Heaven." So much to write about. So much about which to be thankful. So much that Taylor Swift and all of the others in the music industry can write and sing about, things to make positive changes in the lives of others. That is what I try to do. We need the resolve of all conflict. We need peace and human understanding.

    Pamela Bunting Lewis Advocate for WORLD PEACE. Christian. Non partisan. Love music of all kinds. God Bless all! Pam
    June 29th, 2013.

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