History Channel Miniseries

Hitler Lookalike Needed For New History Channel Miniseries

Do you look like Hitler? If so, then the History Channel might have a job for you.

The cable network is currently putting together miniseries about World War I and World War II. In order to bring Adolf Hitler’s story to life, the History Channel put out a casting call for people who happen to resemble the infamous individual.

According to The Wrap, the network is looking for someone between the ages of 25 and 56 to play Adolf Hitler. The History Channel is also after people to play Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt.

The Craigslist ad was first noticed by the folks at the New York Daily News. According to the site, the six-hour miniseries will shoot in Philadelphia this September. Stephen David Entertainment will produce.

The ad reads:

The most important thing is a physical resemblance to the actual historical figures. The majority of the cast will be tracked over decades, so we will be exploring the possibility of casting two people to play both “young” and “old” versions, as well as the possibility of casting a single individual who could be aged up & down. Anyone who falls within the age ranges above could submit themselves. Previous acting experience is not required.

The ad goes on to state that a German accent isn’t necessarily required to land the role of Adolf Hitler. However, bearing a strong resemblance to the dictator is strongly recommended.

The individual who lands the role in the upcoming History Channel miniseries will be paid between $300 and $350 per day. However, the ad states this is dependent upon the role. The project will film for three weeks in Philadelphia and one week in Germany. In other words, be prepared to travel.

It’s currently unknown when the documentary-drama will arrive on the network. My guess would be at some point next year. If you look like Hitler and have been bitten by the acting bug, then you better send in your headshot as soon as possible.