Virginia AG Cuccinelli Wants Sodomy And Oral Sex Ban Revived


If you think there’s just way too much sodomy and oral sex in this country, you might want to pack up and move to Virginia so you can vote Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for governor.

On Tuesday, Cuccinelli filed an appeal asking the Supreme Court to revive the state’s law banning oral and anal sex, reports Mother Jones.

The Supreme Court ruled 10 years ago that such bans were unconstitutional. But Cuccinelli calls the anti-sodomy ban “an important tool that prosecutors use to put child molesters in jail.”

SCOTUS ruled anti-sodomy bans unconstitutional in 2003, but Virginia’s ban stayed on the books until it was finally purged earlier this year. Such bans were at one point common throughout the U.S., and critics say that they were often used to target homosexuals (though there are also cases wherein they were used against heterosexuals).

Virginia also has a notably low age of consent, so while vaginal sex between a 17-year-old and an older person (say 40) is legal, Cuccinelli’s ban would make oral and anal sex between those same two people illegal.

Anyway, Cuccinelli says that he doesn’t want the anti-sodomy law to be used against “consenting adults,” and the Supreme Court’s decision wouldn’t allow him to do anything but anyway.

Still, his record on the issue is incredibly questionable. In 2004, he blocked a bipartisan effort to amend anti-sodomy laws so that they would only apply in cases of pedophilia. He has also made clear his distaste for homosexual behavior as recently as 2009.

“My view is that homosexual acts—not homosexuality, but homosexual acts—are wrong. They’re intrinsically wrong. And I think in a natural law-based country it’s appropriate to have policies that reflect that…They don’t comport with natural law,” he said.

Could he have had a change of heart?

What do you think of anti-sodomy laws? Are they meant to protect children, or do they also potentially harm consenting adult homosexuals?

[Image via: Gage Skidmore]