She has since played roles in many major TV works.

Alyssa Milano Talks Childhood Stardom

Alyssa Milano has received quite the buzz this week after the new Maxim cover was revealed. The 40-year-old actress went braless on the cover, which shows off her amazing looks and ability to stay in shape throughout her career.

There once was a time when Milano was a young actress with potential on the sitcom Who’s The Boss? in the 1980’s. She’s now turned into a Hollywood TV star, which she recently opened up about in an interview with Maxim magazine.

“I hope it’s talent,” she told the magazine. “That was an era when TV child actors just didn’t work after their show was over.”

The Mistresses actress recognized the changes in childhood stardom over the years as most up and coming young actors are in the spotlight at all times, including off the screen.

Her career began at the age of 10, but she made the transition much better than most. Alyssa Milano has always been dedicated to her craft, but she went on to say in her interview that growing up in the public’s eye was tough at times.

“You know, I went through puberty like everyone else; it only got embarrassing when the show would take what was going on with me and write it into the show, like ‘Samantha’s First Bra.’ It was like, OK, guys, do we really need to do this?” She said before adding, “But what an awesome time stamp!”

Through it all, Milano credits her family’s support for surviving within the business.

“I have a great family, and I look at a lot of these kids who struggle in the industry and think they’d have struggled no matter what they did,” she said about growing up as a television star.

Do you know of any young talent today that is on their way to stardom like Alyssa Milano during her rise in the 1980’s?