Men Behind The Drag: A Look At Male Stars And Their Feminine Side

Men Behind The Drag: A Look At Male Stars And Their Feminine Side

The recent “big reveal” of Jared Leto reaching for the make-up and getting his femininity on has caused many to discuss not only this male star but other men behind the drag that have unleashed their womanly side in the past.

In a spread from Candy magazine, we all looked over the pages and felt pretty impressed by how well Leto scrubbed up as a female.

Not only is he virtually unrecognizable, but he has also had many comment on his apparent similarity to Katy Perry, although that could be due to the pink wig he wears in some of the pictures.

Even though the male star has had “tongues wagging” about his alternate appearance, little mention has been given to the full details of the movie he’s starring in, Dallas Buyers Club

The only real information that has been given, in regards to his transsexual performance in this indie film, tends to focus on his dramatic weight loss.

Despite all the hype about his prettiness and girly side, the role he portrays in the above mentioned film is actually a lot more serious.

The story of the movie is based on a real-life experience of a HIV man who smuggled alternative medicine with the help from a HIV positive transsexual woman (that’s Leto’s role).

Furthermore, while Leto has definitely grabbed people’s attention, he isn’t the first male celeb to raid a vanity case, hence why our men behind the drag piece intends to bring other, possibly forgotten drag photographs, back to the fore.

After all, is it really fair for the media to allow Leto to have all the attention? Sure, he looks good, but so have many other men who have done the same thing.

James Franco also rocked the feminine look when he was pictured on the front of Candy magazine in 2010. Not to mention that he then later donned the make-up and female clothes once more, though this was apparently in the name of art:

“It raises awareness of the choices we make every minute of every day to be who we are.”

Men Behind The Drag: A Look At Male Stars And Their Feminine Side