East Moscow decapitation

Russian Teenagers Decapitate Homeless Man And Use His Head As A Soccer Ball

Two Russian teenagers are in custody after they allegedly decapitated a homeless man that they didn’t like and then played soccer with his head.

It is believed that, after they used his head as a soccer ball, the attackers then left it in a rubbish bin. They were arrested by police after officers followed a trail of blood from where the victim’s body was found to their flat in Eastern Moscow.

Once officers walked inside their apartment, they discovered a gruesome sight that was akin to a scene from a horror film. Inside, they found an axe and a saw, which they believe is what was used to complete the killing whilst the entire flat was covered in the homeless man’s blood.

It has been alleged, by the Moscow Investigative Committee, that the two teenagers had been drinking and then attacked the man simply because they didn’t like the way he looked.

After setting upon the vagrant, they used a variety of knives as well as a saw and an ax to murder him before one of them decided to cut off the individual’s head¬†and mutilated it with their feet. As they set about their task, three other teenagers witnessed the entire incident.

Komsomolskaya Pravda has alleged that they then used his head as a football, kicking it into a bin, and then simply returned to their home and left the man’s carcass on the street to rot.

Police had a relatively easy job to locate them, as once they found the corpse, they just followed the stream of blood to the flat of the supposed killers.

The bin with the man’s head in appears to have taken away by a garbage truck, which means that identifying the man might prove to be impossible. The suspects could be imprisoned for up to 15 years if they are convicted.