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Russell Westbrook Helps Two Oklahoma City Thunder Fans Get Engaged On Twitter

Russell Westbrook, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s point guard, helped two of the cities most fervent sports fans, Charlie Bright and Rachel Haycraft, get engaged.

Bright and Haycraft had their first date at an Oklahoma City Thunder game, so to commemorate how integral the team have been to their courtship, Bright decided to seek Westbrook’s help as he looked to propose to his girlfriend.

Bright sent Westbrook a Facebook message last week which asked him if he could assist him. A few nervous days after the message had been sent, Westbrook finally responded and said that he would help him in his endeavour.

Bright explained how he got Westbrook’s attention by putting “MARRIAGE PROPOSAL” in the subject box. He stated, “I messaged Westbrook on Facebook and put ‘MARRIAGE PROPOSAL’ in the subject line because I wanted to catch Russ’ eye when he was looking through his inbox.”

He then added, “I waited a couple of days and almost gave up, but then received Russell’s reply, which was something like, ‘I’m down. What’s the plan?'”

The two then devised a plan which saw Westbrook send Haycraft a tweet at exactly 4.30 p.m on Friday, whilst Bright and Haycraft walked around the University of Oklahoma campus, which is where the pair went to school.

It was at this time that Bright told Haycraft to check her Twitter account on her phone, and when she did she saw a message from Westbrook’s own personal account, @russwest44, that read, “@rachelhaycraft, @chuuuuuuck1 loves u, he wants to know if u would spend the rest of ur life watching thunder games w/ him. #marryhim #Whynot.”

Haycraft then responded just a few moments later, stating, “@russwest4 @Chuuuuuck1 I said yes!” She then also added a picture of her engagement ring too.

Do you think that Charlie Bright and Rachel Haycraft’s engagement tale is romantic?

[Image via Oleksiy Naumov/Shutterstock]