Lindsay Nadrich swears twice

Fox Reporter Says ‘F***’ Twice In A Matter Of Seconds [Video]

A Fox News reporter was forced to apologise after a pre-recorded video showing her say, ‘f*** me! I can’t even f****** talk’ somehow aired on Friday evening’s live show.

The segment, which revolved around strawberry picking in Washington state, hardly called for the use of such profane language, but reporter, Lindsay Nadrich, started to swear because she was struggling to read the script she had prepared herself.

Nadrich states, “Despite the rain, I do have to tell you it’s worth the drive and worth fighting this rain condition,” before she stutters and then proclaims, “f*** me! I can’t even f****** talk!” This piece then abruptly cut to the live studio where a stunned news anchor, stared blankly into the camera for a few seconds before apologising.

The presenter noted, “We definitely apologise for that editing error in that story,” and then she moved on to a piece that revolved around peace talks between the USA and the Taliban.

Nadrich, a graduate of Arizona State University’s Cronkite School of Journalism, who has been with the station since April, took to Facebook to apologise.

She wrote, “To all who watched the ten o’clock newscast: I sincerely apologize for the error. It was not our intention for that to make air. I apologize to those I offended.”

Despite her little grammatical hiccup in her apology, most users didn’t blame her for the error, instead laying the blame firmly at her editors.

John Warden wrote, “I’m sure the majority of reporters have ‘cursed’ at a fumbled taping, trusting their co-workers to have the sense to select and use the final version There is no reason that you should he held accountable for this. Keep your head up and continue doing your job the best you can.”

In a final moment of humiliation the clip also appeared to show Nadrich picking a wedgie out of her buttocks too.

Who do you blame for the error?