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Chris Brown Accident Victim Says He Was Scary, Called Her A B****h

Chris Brown is fighting to clear his name after he was charged with two offenses Tuesday arising from a very minor fender-bender in May.

I posted a blow-by-blow tweet-by-tweet story yesterday that includes the troubled singer’s reaction to the hit-and-run and driving without a license charges that the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office filed yesterday. You should click right here for the full story.

But you can get the short version just by checking the photograph of the car below which Chris Brown said is the car he rear-ended: “NO damage. Just a dirty car.”

His argument is essentially this: “She contacted the cops thinking of a payday from Chris Brown when I followed the proper procedures.”

His next hearing will be on July 15.

In the meantime, he may have to fight some of the battle in the media.

Celebuzz has posted what they say is the accident victim Olga Gure-Kovalenko’s statement to the Los Angeles Police. You can read the whole statement there, but here are some of the more interesting parts:

“[I] saw a driver getting out of the car that hit me. He was scary looking covered with tattoos. I was shaken since it was my first ever car accident. I opened the window and the guy sad that he is sorry and we should pull over to not to disturb traffic. He was polite…”

However, according to Gure-Kovalenko’s account, a woman companion that Celebuzz identifies as Karrueche Tran tried to give her the wrong paperwork — such as Tran’s own driver’s license and the paperwork for a different car.

They argued, and Gure-Kovalenko then snapped a picture of Brown and Tran. According to her story, Brown then blew up.

She said Tran had to stop him from taking her camera. He also began to scream:

“You are a b***h! Who do you think you are, b***h? Do you think if you driving Mercedes so got money, b***h? Do you think I am just a black n*****? I got more money than you…”

Then he drove away, and she went home. She learned from the internet just who Chris Brown was. And then at some point days later she decided to call the police and a private detective.


Mark Geragos, the celebrity attorney representing Chris Brown, has a different version, which he shared with TMZ. He said that Brown doesn’t have a California driver’s license, but he does have a Virginia driver’s license — which is perfectly adequate identification.

He agreed that Brown gave her the insurance information for the wrong car, a Lamborghini he wasn’t driving instead of the Range Rover that he was. He didn’t fully explain why, but maybe it’s tough for rich guys to keep up with all the paperwork for all the different cars. In any event, if Geragos is right, Brown clearly gave her everything she needed to identify him and get her car repaired.

So, for the moment, we seem to have a classic case of he says, she says. And Brown still has plenty to say.

I’m not sure if this tweet is Brown’s reaction to Olga Gure-Kovalenko’s physical description of him as a man with scary tattoos or anything else. But I’m guessing it could be.

And here’s another post from yesterday’s extended defense on Twitter.

Here’s the back end of that car photo Chris Brown tweeted:

Chris Brown car photo
Chris Brown says this is the rear end of the car he’s accused of hitting.

Only one thing seems to be known for sure: A very minor accident has exploded into a huge problem for Chris Brown.

[car photo by Chris Brown via Twitter]

[Chris Brown photo by carrie-nelson /]