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Levitating Magician Mystery Solved [Video]

levitating magician

The mystery of the levitating magician has been solved.

Magician Dynamo became an internet celebrity this week when he was spotted levitating alongside of a double-decker bus. But after a thorough internet investigation it was revealed that Dynamo was not, in fact, levitating.

Are you shocked? OK, so maybe you knew all along that the magician wasn’t actually levitating but did you know how he did it?

Dynamo isn’t revealing his secret but the internet sleuths at have solved the mystery.

According to the website, the magician’s arm was probably a rigid harness capable of supporting the man’s weight. The man’s real arm was placed inside the prosthetic to make it appear like he was levitating beside the bus.

The site writes: “His fingers don’t move in the clip and there are no people around when he hovers up and down the bus … In fact, at second glance the arm attached to the bus looks pretty phony.”

If you don’t want to take their word for it, check out this photo of the magician’s arm. (Hint: It’s not attached to his body.)

Here’s the Pepsi Max commercial. Did you think that the magician was really levitating?

[Photo Via Facebook]

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3 Responses to “Levitating Magician Mystery Solved [Video]”

  1. Tomeka George

    I think I know how he did it. There are actually special things you put on your meet to make you levitate. People could actually sit on it and it would make it look like they're levitating off the chair. This thing could be attached to the bus. and act like an invisible elevator. In other words, if you stood on the exact same spot. You would probably levitate.

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