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Lisa ‘Lefteye’ Lopes Family Mad That TLC Is Still Chasing Waterfalls

Lisa 'Lefteye' Lopes Family Mad That TLC Is Still Chasing Waterfalls

Lisa Lopes was one-third of the 90s hip-hop group TLC, and 20 years after the band’s hit song “Waterfalls,” the family of the deceased singer is mad at the remaining members for continuing on without her.

This week, the remaining members of TLC — “TBoz” Watkins and Rozanda “Chili” Thomas — decided to remake “Waterfalls” to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the song. In place of Lisa Lopes, they cast Japanese pop star Namie Amuro, a decision that stung for the family of Lopes.

“I did not know about it until a fan posted it online,” her sister Reigndrop Lopes told TMZ. “I mean it would have been nice if they would have given us a head up before being surprised.”

Lopes, who went by “Left Eye,” died in 2002 in a car crash in Honduras. She was driving a car that rolled off the road, throwing her out. Lopes had been followed by a film crew in the last month of her life, footage that would later be turned into a documentary called The Last Days of Left Eye.

Reigndrop has other problems with the members of TLC. The other signers had been working with VH1 on a biopic about the band, but family members of Lisa Lopes didn’t find out until the project was already in the works.

“The only way I found out was because a friend of mine was cast as an extra and flew down there and I happened to go up there with her,” Reigndrop told 4UMF News.”I mean it would have been nice if they would have given us a heads up before being surprised.”

“Waterfalls” was the most successful song for TLC, spending seven weeks atop to Billboard Top 100 chart and making many other international Top 100 lists. It was nominated for two honors at the 1996 Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year and Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.

The group continued on after the death of Lisa Lopes, releasing the album 3D seven months later. It would go on to sell two million copies.

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27 Responses to “Lisa ‘Lefteye’ Lopes Family Mad That TLC Is Still Chasing Waterfalls”

  1. Anonymous

    So what is it to, nice to have known what the other members were doing, is it about money……Lisa was a talented singer loved her style……..but the family needs to let it rest, the other members are here, let them do them.

  2. Stephanie Ely

    her tragedy shouldn't be their tragedy years later. I agree with glowormanderson re: letting the other members just continue on.

  3. Chris Nguyen

    What does the Lopes family want? the rest of TLC to just stop performing because Lisa Lopes is dead? Get over yourself, its not about you!

  4. Chris Nguyen

    What does the Lopes family want? the rest of TLC to just stop performing because Lisa Lopes is dead? Get over yourself, its not about you!

  5. Karin Browne

    TLC is not the only group that went on after the death of a member – the remaining member still have to make a living. After all these years Left Eye's memory should not be soiled with such pettiness.

  6. Richard Johnson

    And you're both wrong. TlC was one of the best groups ever but they should show respect to Lisa Lopes family. I know they still have to live but Lisa Lopes is irreplaceable. There failed attempt at getting a new member to replace her a few years ago should have been indication enough that they need to stop trying to replace Lisa. Get a hologram instead.

  7. Anonymous

    I don't have a problem with them getting a new 3rd singer and carrying on. If people don't like it they wont buy it! My problem is they shouldn't be redoing old songs that had Lisa on them. They should only do new music and let the stuff with Lisa stand on its own strength which seems to have worked this far. Redoing Waterfalls with someone new is like remaking Dirty Dancing just something that should not be done out of respect for the memory of Patrick Swayze who really made that movie what it was. And as for Left Eyes family I am sure if there is any remakes of any of the songs that Lisa was a part of the family will get royalties from it so if money is what they were after they would get it.

  8. Anonymous

    Let the other members continue on, yes, but keeping TLC and adding in a replacement is just wrong. It's not like they kicked her out the club or she quit. She died. TLC is not 'TLC' without Lisa. Name yourselves something else. Or continue on as TLC just the two of you…but adding in a replacement? And not having the common courtesy to let your dead best friend's family know about it…they have to hear it as if they're strangers? That's messed up. On another note… to all you commentors….it's not like Lisa's family is filing a lawsuit or anything. They are allowed to have feelings and be upset if they want to…they are human…so quit acting like it's a big deal that they are 'feeling' upset.

  9. Tim Chamberlain

    Suck it up buttercup…life goes on…The remaining 2 ladies can do whatever they wish. To stop recording and performing would be an insult to Left Eye. I am sure she is wishing them well from up above.

  10. Hassan Malik Orr

    It would have been nice to announce to the family, but what they should've done a 3D hologram of Lisa for that song. If they can do it for 2pac why not Left-Eye.

  11. Anonymous

    funny, since TLC swore up and down they will never replace Lisa Lopes. Even did a reality show saying they would and didn't. fiirst of all, nobody chasing waterfalls they are all into rainbows now. Also, with the failing of their reality shows, I'm sure they need to chase all the money they can get.

  12. Anonymous

    If I was Left Eye's sister, I'd be more pissed that my mother named me reigndrop…LOL…REIGNDROP! R u F-ing kidding me? black people are the best.

  13. Trevor Gowe

    Wow… the surviving members want to move on with their lives? How shocking.

    Does this family sound like the kind of people you'd want to keep abreast of your every move?

  14. Camille Wyatt

    what the heck are y'all talking about? group members get replaced all the time – HELLO – The Supremes…….
    The Temptations, The Jackson 5…….Mint Condition, Blackstreet.

  15. Frances Crain

    So what are they supposed to do, stop thier life? No. Lisa was a wonderful singer but her family needs to let it be. Let Lisa rest in peace and leave her bandmates alone. Geez.

  16. Jlm Visada

    Replaced: When the Jackson 5 went to CBS records they replaced Jermaine with Randy. Jermaine had chosen to stay at Motown after marrying Hazel (Berry Gordy's daughter) and on a technicality every Jackson has sung on a Jackson 5 song album except Latoya. (And I find it a little depressing that I know that)

  17. Joanny Tost

    I think they should have told the family….don't think they should replace Lisa…and think I TT is good that they r moving on as that is what Lisa would have wanted

  18. Anonymous

    TLC included this Japanese artist on their album release for Japan. It's all about the might dollar. Apparently, this artist is hot and will draw fans. She won't even be on their U.S. release of the album. I can understand the family being a little upset but clearly Lefteye can't be replaced!

  19. Anonymous

    Lisa's family will get money…Lefteye wrote the lyrics to the rap part of the song and wrote some of the lyrics to the song in it's entirety. I don't think money is the issue; it's a principle of respect. They just said they would have liked to have known first hand. The remaining members of TLC simply included a Japanese artist for their album release in Japan to increase sales. The Lopes family is not the greedy ones..LOL

  20. Anonymous

    I totally feel where you are coming from..but they didn't replace Lefteye they just used this new artist to appeal to the Japanese audience. I do agree the Lopes family should have been made aware just out of respect. Lefteye wrote the rap lyrics in Waterfalls.

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