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Mike Huckabee On California Prop 8 And DOMA SCOTUS Decision: ‘Jesus Wept’

Mike Huckabee On California Prop 8 And DOMA Decision: 'Jesus Wept'

Mike Huckabee says the California Prop 8 and DOMA decisions by SCOTUS would cause Jesus to weep.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Supreme Court’s Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California Prop 8 decisions are proving to be controversial.

Mike Huckabee took to Facebook to share his California Prop 8 opinion:

“My thoughts on the SCOTUS ruling that determined that same sex marriage is okay:  ‘Jesus wept.’  5 people in robes said they are bigger than the voters of California and Congress combined.  And bigger than God.  May He forgive us all.”

The Bible verse that says Jesus wept is found in the book of John. Huffington Post has pointed out that Mike Huckabee is taking this Bible verse out of context since “Jesus wept” refers to the death of Lazarus, not homosexuality or anything related to the SCOTUS decisions on California’s Prop 8 or DOMA.

The Bible’s New Testament only refers to homosexuality several times. The first is in Romans, which says:

“[F]or even their females exchanged the natural use for that which is contrary to nature, and likewise also the males, having left the natural use of the female, were inflamed by their lust for one another, males with males, committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was fitting for their error.”

1 Timothy refers to “those who abuse themselves with men” but 1 Corinthians is more explicit:

“Do you not know that the unrighteous and the wrongdoers will not inherit or have any share in the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived (misled): neither the impure and immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor those who participate in homosexuality”

Do you think it’s fair for Mike Huckabee to say “Jesus wept” in reference to the Supreme Court’s decision on California’s Prop 8 and DOMA?

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52 Responses to “Mike Huckabee On California Prop 8 And DOMA SCOTUS Decision: ‘Jesus Wept’”

  1. Moelissa Rudd

    Just yet another distraction from the BIG picture. NSA, Monsanto, the future failure of wheat sales due to GMO testing in wheat fieldspopulation control made more controlled with same sex approval,

  2. Stella Cavignac

    Yes! our sins grieve our Lord and Savior…He is hurt and saddened by our choices and decisions…especially when they don't follow His Way! because He knows…He knows that "the choices we make, dictate the lives we lead"…and the farther away we fall from His Way…the worse it's going to get!

  3. Matt Wagner

    First off its the New Testament which has been changed by the church to fit their views on modern times, second gays getting married affects nobody else

  4. Marge Manipole Szkolnik

    For one, the bible was written by man for man to serve only one purpose and that was to control what was was believed to be right by King James. No one actually knows what the true words of Christ or God were. God made us all in his image, so we are told, but if anything we are all related, since Eve was made from Adams Rib, she was made of his own body, therefore she was always related to him. They were the only two people who supposedly started procreating the earth and if anything we are all their decendents. If you want to take the actual word of a book written by man, which has been rewritten numerous times to suit whichever person who had the most power at the time. No one religion is better than another. They all serve the same purpose, to believe in a higher power and only that power can pass judgement on any of us. We tend to forget that many of the things we consider immoral acts, were practiced centuries ago, with well documented history, yet we judge who another person is allowed to love because we do not understand or we choose to follow the crowd so that we are not left out. Sometimes I feel so ashamed at what this world has become and I wonder when it is time to be judged, just who will be allowed in to the next life, because from what I see on this earth right now there are so many self rightuous bigoted people who don't deserve to be there. We were all created equal, yet we have enslaved one another and killed others over land and yet we believe we deserve to be allowed in the next life. I am not perfect and I have made mistakes in my life I am not proud of, but I know that god gave me the most precious gift to love and that is my son, who I am very proud of and who is a homosexual. I couldn't ask for a more precious gift. He has grown in to a fine young man and has my full support, as well as the support of his family, who many have been brought up in catholic homes. Times have changed and living in the past is so detrimental to our future. May the higher power or God see the true nature of his children and bless and keep them well.

  5. Jeff Criswell

    Homosexuality is perversion. It offends God and you better believe homosexual "marriage" will wreak havoc on American society. Above and beyond all that, Satan is attacking Christianity.

  6. Barry L. Spencer

    How do you know it offends god? Did he call you up and tell you? By the way, all this god, satan, demons nonsense? That's just what it is. Nonsense.

  7. Joanne Alfonse Maura

    See, if you're going to follow the Bible literally, there was a of "illicit" sex that went on, that was supposedly okayed by God. If the human race started with Adam and Eve, two parents, then how did procreation go on without incest between their children? No one talks about that, though, although some people do use the Bible to back their opinions on a lot of other things.

  8. Margie Cherena

    As of Corinthians not all of us can be like St. Paul: Corinthians 7:7 "Indeed, I wish everyone to be as I am, but each has a particular gift from God, one of a kind and one of another", I love St Paul and I am a lesbian, his letters were advises for the people, especially single people. We as humans can't go against our nature, St. Paul declared this in his letters written to the people of Corinthia. People please do not judge others, if this is wrong or not it is up to God our Lord and Saviour to make the decision not man. As Jesus said: Love one another as I love you.

  9. Jillian Rainville

    Jeff, how about you come back in, say about a year and let us know how society is doing then…….I am sure we will all still be here with nothing changing and earth will still be spinning. Would like to see your opinion then. Until then, You go about your business and I will go about mine. I will then let you know how my marriage wreaks havoc on society by allowing me to go back to work and support my family. I will also bring you a report on how my neighbours have been affected by my getting married.

  10. Tom McBride

    Your thinking is shallow and stupid. Nothing you said has any relevance to the bible.

  11. Tom McBride

    Don't you know what the troll said to the third billy goat? Even a childs tale can be more profound then the drivel of you delusional thinkers.

  12. Tom McBride

    Hey shallow thinker aka Jilliamn Rainville "The mill of the gods grinds slowly but it grinds exceedingly small".

  13. Kearstan Franklin

    Correct me if I am wrong, BUT, homosexuality has been around in America for a few years, now. I've never had a negative experience with them. "Christians" that spread hate and judge people all while overlooking their on sins…

  14. Don Scicchitano

    2 timothy 3:16: All scripture is god- breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.

  15. Susan Madar

    Jesus weeps every day when he hears the hate being spewed in his name by people who call themselves Christians.

  16. Jenny Garnsey

    I do have to agree in some part. The King James version was changed to suit the times, when it was distributed then. I am a Christian and I will say that I'm not trying to discredit the word of God, but it does make me angry when people have messed with it and then others use the word to shame people. That is not what the Word was written for.

  17. Jeff Allen

    He (Huckabee) can say whatever he wants. We can all say whatever we want. None of it makes a bit of difference.

  18. Merlene Timlick

    God bless you, Jenny..For your inspirational response on this age old controversy..Did God ..Our Father pen these words ??? Or were they again penned by "MAN" to control things in his time and age ??? My Father teaches love and acceptance of our sisters and brothers…The supreme commandment of all " LOVE ONE ANOTHER"..#2 Judge not lest ye be judged…As a pastor , I say to those who continue to use the scriptures to substantiate "their EQUAL right" to judge and condemn another…Find another format for your sad behavior…live and use what He asks of us…To LOVE….Peace and prayers..Pastor Merlene

  19. Merlene Timlick

    The scriptures do state this in various wording…But , unfortunately "MAN", has reworked the word to fit his life plans…Not, not the living life plan , Our Father, wants for all his precious children..God loves unconditionally all His lambs…He does not cull His flock…He doe's not make "mistakes", there has been reasons in His plan from the beginning…..So stop judging you brothers and sisters..lest ye be judged at the time it will be truly of importance…Thank you, Marge…Peace and prayers..Pastor Merlene

  20. Merlene Timlick

    God bless you child…For being a true human Christian…Peace and prayers..Pastor Merlene

  21. Merlene Timlick


  22. Merlene Timlick

    YES IT DOES !!! When that kind of thinking and spewing, continues to fuel the fires of "HATE..RACISM…SEXISM and INEQUALITY " , for all God's precious children..and condones the acts of the lessor ones who commit wicked and violent acts, under the cloak and guise of " Christianity " and in the Father's Name…Shame on you , Mr. Huckabee…I talk to My Father everyday and at the end of it..All I hear is LOVE…LOVE…LOVE…I wish you peace and trust me you and others like you are in my Prayers..Pastor Merlene

  23. Anonymous

    If the bible was written 2000 years ago by ignorant men and not any gods, then why do you reiterate the ridiculous metaphor of a deity creating two humans to populate earth if it is only referenced in that book which you disregard? We are all related since we're one species, but not because of incest.

  24. Michael Musicman Garceau

    No, I think Jesus wept and weeps at the unbelievably hatefulness of Reich Wing Tealiban Nazi RePUKElicans such as F*ckabee, Blahmann, Pr*ck Perry and all of the others of their ilk.

  25. Michael Musicman Garceau

    No, the church NEVER changed ANYTHING about scripture…You need get your facts straight!! NEVER in the history of The Church did they change ANYTHING! It was Martin Luther who opened the flood gates of wretched heresy in 1517. It was HE who changed the bible, especially the the New Testament…read the history of The Bible and you will see this is a fact, not fiction….
    Also, the King James Version of the Bible has 3000 errors in it more than ANY other translation. He was a known pedophile as well, and when his wife heard this, she left him and became Catholic.. Check it out…it's an interesting yet sad story.

  26. Michael Musicman Garceau

    Big lie, there Marge…do some research before you tell a lie like that :)

  27. Michael Musicman Garceau

    Susan, you are so full of shit you stink, you old bitch

  28. Michael Musicman Garceau

    Tom, YOUR Thinking is shallow and STUPID!

  29. Michael Musicman Garceau

    Jeff, please explain IN DETAIL, how exactly same-sex marriage will 'destroy America" and wreak havoc on societ..that is yet another lie perpetrated by Christaint's to destroy those who do not think like THEY do. so please explain your lie…

  30. Michael Musicman Garceau

    Tom McBride "Hypocrite, They name is Tom McBridge"

  31. Michael Musicman Garceau

    Don Scicchitano Yes, useful, but it does NOT say it is THE ONLY WAY TO TEACH :)

  32. Joy Jackson

    Do you really love someone if you don't tell them the truth? Jesus loves everyone, but while He was on earth, He helped the woman caught in adultery, not by ignoring the situation she was in, but by stopping those who would tear her apart, some of whom had been with her. He then told her, "Go and sin no more."
    Sin causes death, so Jesus came to take the penalty upon Himself, not so we could keep on living in rebellion, but so we could see true, unconditional love, and respond to it by surrendering our hearts to Jesus. He gives us His righteousness in place of our filthy rags. He alone can deliver us from the grip of sin.
    He gave the citizens of Sodom & Gomorrah ample opportunity to repent, but the longer the rebellion lasted, the deeper in sin they became entrenched! God shows all of us mercy, but that does not mean that judgement is not coming, just because it tarries. God doesn't want His children destroyed by sin, but wants happiness for all. Millions ignore creator God, at their peril.
    Jesus is soon to come, and when He does, those who are filthy,will be filthy still, and those who are righteous, will be righteous still. Those who will be filthy, will have rejected the pleading of God's mercy. Those who will be righteous will who responded to Creator God's mercy.
    Yes, God loves all, that's why He warns us what sin does, as the wages of sin are death, as Jesus well knows.

  33. Joy Jackson

    We are not to judge the motives of someone who chooses rebellion, but we are to lead them to Jesus and the truth. God is the judge, and He had to let His Son die on the cross because of sin. Mercy and justice are perfectly balanced. He has given His word that the wages of sin, any sin is death.
    I am not afraid to call sin by it's right name. It is ugly and destructive, and to love someone is to tell them so.

  34. Ina Chambers

    Marge, I gave up on all that holier than thou garbage long ago. I live the Christian morals but not the stuff that phonies use to enslave, use and kill our fellow man in the name of God

  35. Mike Mckelvy

    Don't understand how a dead guy can weep. It's not hatred that causes people to say bad things about the bible. It's actually about love. Love for rational thought which is in short supply in the bible. Old testament has people being killed and tortured for all kinds of weird reasons. The Christian religion, like all religions is a hoax. It is nothing more than an attempt by primitives to try and understand the way the universe works and the way people living in should behave. Somethings they got right, like do unto others. Plenty of other stuff they got wrong and some parts they just made up.

  36. Mike Mckelvy

    I thought he knew all the choices we make and all the ones we're going to make. That's part of that omniscience deal, which is tied up with the omnipotence attribute. So not only did God know what we were going to say, he did nothing to stop it. Sounds more impotent to me. Maybe that's why he was so pissed off so much of the time and kind of a perv with the whole circumcision thing. Personally, that's when I would have said "enough."

  37. Mike Mckelvy

    According to the bible any sex that is for anything other than procreation is perverse. Apparently God in his infinite wisdom made it feel so damn good that people think they should have it for other reasons as well, like expressing love for one another. How in the world is gay marriage going to wreak havoc? Nobody has ever been hurt by the mere existence of people of any sexual orientation simply loving someone and wanting to spend their days together forever.

  38. Eric Hughes

    Ouch, old Mr. Wilson you really told me off! I'd say something back, but the fact your neck and chin fat is chocking the shit out your brain, I'd say your god is getting the last laugh already. Hey you and Huckabee can play gin rummy together or shuffle board……

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