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Christian Domestic Discipline Tells Husbands To Spank Wives

Christian Domestic Discipline Tells Husbands To Spank Wives

Christian Domestic Discipline, or CDD, is an emerging trend that tells husbands to spank wives.

Not much is known about Christian Domestic Discipline except what is published by husband and wife CDD followers Clint and Chelsea.

These two have published a guide to Christian Domestic Discipline on their website called Learning Domestic Discipline. They describe CDD as “an arrangement between two adults who share the belief that the husband is the head of the household and with that position comes the right to enforce his authority.”

Clint and Chelsea advocate husbands spanking wives, lecturing, removing privileges, and corner and bedroom time. But don’t get the idea that this is some sort of 50 Shades of Grey BDSM movement. They claim CDD is not supposed to be sexual in nature:

“The pure CDD people don’t go there. A lot of  folks think of Fifty Shades of Grey – but this is not that.”

Eighteen pages of their Beginning Domestic Discipline manifesto are focused on husbands spanking wives including methods and what to do in certain scenarios. This practice of corporal punishment in Christian Domestic Discipline led reporters to look into possible domestic abuse.

One woman who once practiced CDD recalled, “I wanted the spankings to stop and my husband  told me it was either DD and marriage or divorce. I chose divorce. I couldn’t  handle the pain of spankings anymore, emotionally or physically.” Surprisingly, the majority of women practicing Christian Domestic Discipline “believe it is an expression of their husband caring about them and their marriage.”

Christian evangelical leaders are quite blunt about Christian Domestic Discipline, saying it’s “horrifying,” “bizarre,” “unbiblical,” and “un-Christian.”

What do you think about husbands spanking wives as part of Christian Domestic Discipline?

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3 Responses to “Christian Domestic Discipline Tells Husbands To Spank Wives”

  1. Beverly Reyes

    This is absolutedly crazy, insane and unbiblical! Ladies call the police if your husband who's suppose to protect and caress you lays hands on you! This people are not christians!

  2. Cynthia Duprey

    this is crazy yes men are surposed to be stronger then a woman but we both have different roles id rather be single the rest of my life then have some half brained religious nut spank me and be little me I don't need to be shown my place if the man is going to show where he belongs by spanking me it says nowhere in the bible that adam spanked eve and if it did show me what chapter or I wont believe it don't get me wrong I believe in god but I don't believe in this crap.

  3. Judith K Littles

    I read about this on Huffington Post, I am sincerely hoping that this turns to be a hoax. It just seems impossible that any woman would accept this type of behavior in our time. In 2013, is would seem that no one would be accepting of this type of lifestyle.

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