2-Year-Old Mensa

Adam Kirby: Mensa Member At Age 2 [Video]

Adam Kirby has become a Mensa member at the age of 2. With an IQ of 141, the prodigy has become the youngest current member of the British Mensa organization.

Adam’s parents realized their son was intelligent when he started reading before he could even speak in a full sentence. He reportedly potty trained himself after reading a book about using the toilet.

As reported by Yahoo, at the age of 2, Adam is now reading material meant for students in second grade. He can count to 20 in English, Spanish, French, and Japanese. He is currently studying French vocabulary.

Parents Kerry Ann and Dean cannot explain Adam’s advanced level of intelligence. However, they are proud of his achievements. The Kirbys had Adam tested and were stunned to discover that he has an IQ of 141. They were even more surprised when Adam received an invitation to join Mensa.

Adam Kirby’s Mensa membership only confirms what his parents already knew. Adam is a very special little boy.

As reported by The Telegraph, Adam is currently being schooled at home. His parents are concerned that a traditional school will not challenge him or meet his needs.

Dean Kirby discusses Adam’s ambition for learning:

“He is really really hungry for it, it’s not us pushing him at all he loves challenging himself. He gets bored very quickly when he’s not reading or writing or completing a complex puzzle… we made sure we brought him up in a way that he would want it rather than have it pushed upon him.”

Adam is one of 19 preschool aged children who are members of Britain’s Mensa. John Stevenage, Mensa CEO, explains that they are excited to add Adam as a member. Stevenage explains that the purpose of Mensa is to provide a “stimulating intellectual and social environment” where gifted adults and children can continue to thrive.

Adam Kirby’s Mensa membership and IQ place him in the top 1.3 percent of the general population.

[Image via heute.at]