Limbo iPhone

‘Limbo’ Coming To iOS This July

Limbo, the incredibly addictive puzzle-platformer from Playdead, is headed to iOS this July.

If you haven’t played this enjoyable indie game on either PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, or Vita, then you should schedule some time with the game next month. Out of all the modern platformers I’ve recently tried, this one easily ranks as one of the most memorable.

According to Joystiq, the iOS version of Limbo will feature “extensive optimizations” designed to enhance the experience on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Curious parties will be able to try the adventure for themselves beginning July 3.

Since its release in July of 2010, Limbo has been purchased roughly three million times. Those who embraced the game early on were quick to recommend the title to their friends. This is how I heard about the game, and I’ve been eager to pass the good word to those who enjoy this sort of adventure.

The game uses monochromatic black-and-white tones, creepy ambient sounds, and various visual effects to wonderful effect. Limbo tells the story of a boy who wakes up in a strange forest on the “edge of Hell.” His mission: Discover what happened to his missing sister at all costs.

Along the way, gamers are presented with a number of head-scratching yet incredibly rewarding puzzles. Although the character begins his journey on the outskirts of a foreboding forest, he soon finds himself in the middle of a crumbling cityscape that is void of human life.

A word of warning: If you’re at all scares of spiders or anything with eight long legs, then prepare yourself for one of the creepiest arachnids in video game history. This writer is particularly terrified of spiders, so these sequences were as creepy as they were intense.

IGN reports should work on iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S, and their more powerful brethren. The game is also compatible with the latest version of the iPod Touch. Unfortunately, it’s still unknown when Playdead intends to release the follow-up. This needs to happen very soon.

Do you plan to check out Limbo for iOS when it arrives in the App Store on July 3?