Bernard Pierce

Raven’s Bernard Pierce Carjacked, Robbed At Gunpoint

Bernard Pierce, running back for the Baltimore Ravens, was carjacked last Sunday while driving with his cousin in Philadelphia.

Pierce’s BWM was stolen at gunpoint by two men who pulled up beside the car. One of the men remained behind the wheel while the other allegedly approached Pierce with a gun.

It was also reported that Pierce had his wallet and smartphone stolen but that neither him nor his cousin, who was with him in the car, were injured.

The stolen car was subsequently found by Police and is being processed for evidence.

Pierce and his cousin, sources say, were shaken, but were not injured during the robbery. According to Bernard’s mother, Tammy Pierce he had only bought the BWM two weeks prior to the carjacking, so didn’t have much time to enjoy his new purchase.

As she told Eyewitness news:

“First of all, I thank God that he’s fine. I don’t care whatever he lost — his car, whatever was in there. He’s fine. I think he was targeted because people knew who he was, and that’s sad.”

The Ravens emailed an official statement saying:  “We have been in contact with Bernard and we are aware of the situation.”

There are still no leads as to the identity of the thieves and Police are investigating the incident.

Do you think this awful carjacking and robbery was an opportunist, seeing a nice BWM and deciding to carjack it? Or do you think this might have been planned and that Bernard Pierce was actually targeted specifically? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.