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Mark Sanchez’ Nearly Naked Dance Video Goes Viral

Do you want to know how Mark Sanchez is spending his off-season? The New York Jets quarterback has apparently been hanging out in Napa Valley making some semi-naked dance videos.

Vine user Alana Kari posted several videos from her trip to wine country and several of them included Mark Sanchez.

They also included Sanchez’ chest, abs, and a few seconds of the Jets quarterback doing some naked booty shaking.

The vine videos were deleted once they started getting attention on the internet but some users were able to save the Vines before they disappeared.

Sanchez hasn’t commented on the videos and he isn’t ever identified as the Jets QB during the Vine clips. The guy in the video definitely looks like Sanchez and he’s even wearing the QB’s signature soccer-style headband.

Terez Owens complied a 20-second clip from Kari’s Vine videos.You can watch the longer clip (which is NSFW due to man butt) here. Or check out the abbreviated version below.

Do you think this is Mark Sanchez? Are you surprised that he’s partying it up in Napa Valley?

Sanchez had an abysmal season last year and his starting job is currently up for grabs. Do you think Sanchez will keep his job with the Jets.