Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Begins Construction On $85 Million Expansion Of National Data Center West

Time Warner Cable has begun construction in Centennial, Colorado. The company is spending $85 million on the expansion of National Data Center West.

Once complete, the new Data Center will deliver digital video and IP based services to residential and business customers.

The first National Data Center East opened for Time Warner Cable late last year and the new center upgrade will open in January 2015. The centers are part of Time Warner’s plans to ensure high quality nationwide service.

With the upgrades the National Data Center West facility will have racked up a $141 million cost since 2011. The new upgrade will add 75 percent more capacity to the facility. Time Warner says the new facility will add greater flexibility for digital products while providing faster speeds for deploying digital products and services.

At this time, the facility staffs 70 employees, but Time Warner will increase that number by adding 25 percent more Engineering and Data Center Services resources. The facility when upgraded will operate on a 24 hours a day, seven days a week schedule.

In the meantime, the Centennial, Colorado project will be responsible for employing 400 construction workers over a 36 month period. The project’s construction will generate local income in the amount of $11 million.

The money being spent to upgrade the facility doesn’t include raw materials that Time Warner will purchase locally.

Among the data centers functions will be supporting more than 70 million daily emails, handling billing records for more than 15 million customers, and supporting backend applications which are delivered to Time Warner Cable employees. The data center will also include WiFi, High Speed Data, Voice, TV services, and smartphones.

The Time Warner National Data Center West facility when upgraded will feature 170,000 square feet with 1,600 racks of technical equipment. The facility will require a critical load of 64000 kilowatts (kW).

Do you think Time Warner is doing a good job in attempting to better support a growing digital services culture?