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Kwame Kilpatrick Is Unhappy About The Lack Of Ice In Prison

Kwame Kilpatrick Surgery

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is reportedly very unhappy about the lack of ice and proper exercise equipment in prison.

Judge Nancy Edmunds sent Kilpatrick to jail despite recommendations that his bond remain in place until sentencing. Unfortunately for the disgraced politician, he’s currently unable to get proper treatment for his injured knee.

According to Detroit News, Kwame Kilpatrick recently complained about conditions inside the federal prison while attempting to get released on bond. The former mayor is said to be unhappy about the lack of ice and adequate exercise equipment at the facility.

In paperwork filed with the 6th Circuit US Court of Appeals, defense attorney Harold Gurewitz said Kilpatrick needs the ice and equipment to properly rehabilitate his knee. Kwame said he was injured while getting into a US Marshalls van following his conviction in March.

“Milan does not have either physical therapy facilities, or medical facilities, or equipment necessary for Mr. Kilpatrick’s continuing medical care. Mr. Kilpatrick’s need to obtain and to continue proper treatment for his knee surgery are reasons that he is not a flight risk,” Gurewitz explained.

MLive reports Kwame Kilpatrick addressed the situation with Judge Edmunds in May.

“I thank you for ordering basically the facility to take me to the doctor and get an MRI. I have two torn quadriceps, a torn tendon. They’re going to drill inside of my knee cap. I’m terrified, by the way. I’m terrified of rehabilitating in that detention center,” Kilpatrick told the judge.

Monday’s filing revealed the former mayor recently underwent surgery to fix the problem. He now requires one 90-minute rehabilitation session every week. However, Gurewitz said these sessions are often cut short due to scheduling conflicts with therapists.

Kilpatrick is expected to spend around 20 years in prison after being found guilty of 24 federal crimes, according to the US Attorneys Office. A sentencing date has not been set as of this writing.

Do you think Kwame Kilpatrick should be allowed out of prison until his sentencing in order to receive treatment for his knee?

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11 Responses to “Kwame Kilpatrick Is Unhappy About The Lack Of Ice In Prison”

  1. Bettye Chase

    Lock him up and throw away the key! He and his cronies are to blame for Detoit's situation right now! Detroit deserved much better than this crook! He's got problems in prison? Too bad!

  2. Bettye Chase

    Oh, boo hoo ! Do I feel sorry for this sorry piece of poop ? Hell , NO !!

  3. Emma Grace Ketner

    I don't care. No me importa. Je ne m'inquiète pas. Eu não me importo. Those are all the languages in which I know how to say that, but I wish I knew them all. Screw him. I hope somebody steps on his knee.

  4. David Michael

    No. He's a crook and disgraceful man who deserves what he got. Prison ain't the Hyatt

  5. Anonymous

    more ice please…………just deliver it to cell 413…..thank you……….

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