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Casey Anthony Destitute, Defamation Suit May Be Unwise, Judge Suggests

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony appears to be destitute. That’s a key comment by Judge K. Rodney May from a brief hearing yesterday in the US Bankruptcy Court in Tampa, Florida.

As The Inquisitr reported last night, Judge May has ruled that a defamation suit against Casey Anthony will be heard in his federal bankruptcy court — not in the Orange County District Court. You can read a full account of Tuesday’s hearing right here.

The short version is that two plaintiffs are suing Anthony because they said she or her attorneys injured their reputations in the course of defending her against murder charges in the 2008 death of her daughter Caylee Anthony.

Although Anthony was cleared of the charges, she is widely regarded with suspicion and has become something of an outcast in the community. She is unemployed and still reportedly owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to her defense team.

She spends much of her time in hiding but emerged earlier this year to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The emerging picture of Casey Anthony’s finances isn’t pretty. In a March hearing, she said she had about $1,000 in assets, no job, and $800,000 in debts to defense attorneys.

But the two plaintiffs suing her aren’t satisfied and want a deeper search to see if she has any assets that might be used to pay their claims.

WESH news reported that, in a nod to those concerns, the court said Tuesday that Anthony will turn over her laptop to the bankruptcy trustee to allow them to check it for information about her finances.

However, overall, the judge seemed to feel that the defamation lawsuit could be a waste of time. The Orlando-Sentinel said that the judge openly “questioned the wisdom of spending time and effort on claims that may ultimately be discharged in bankruptcy.”

Back in hiding, Casey Anthony herself didn’t appear at the Tuesday hearing.

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9 Responses to “Casey Anthony Destitute, Defamation Suit May Be Unwise, Judge Suggests”

  1. Julie French

    Wow, didn't know you could release fines/fees for investigative costs assigned by the courts or the IRS.. More people will move to FL if this goes thru. She should remain destitute and have to get a job and pay on the bills she has just like the rest of us.

  2. Rachel Scott

    Personally, think the judge shouldn't dismiss the cases against her, but put them aside on the condition that if this heifer ever 'writes her memoirs' or makes some other disgusting attempt to make money from the death of her child, these people should be able to swoop in and take any amount that was awarded to them, as their claims are directly related to this event. Will NEVER EVER believe she was not directly responsible, her story has never rang true in any way, shape or form. Too many of these young chicks have kids then couldn't care less from then on as long as the kid isn't impeding their 'lifestyle', we see it over and over in the news and elsewhere. Let her be satisfied with her 'freedom', it's sure more than she deserves.

  3. Tanya M Stevens Bravo

    This devious bitch is plotting again……I wouldn't doubt on advice from counsel she is taking this course of action so she can walk away from this free from lawsuits and debt so she can then pursue amassing her fortune and keep every bit of it….I mean come on it's not everyday you can murder your child, lie, steal and embezzle, squander resources, assassinate someone's character and reputation and walk away smelling like a rose , never having to pay the piper. I wouldn't doubt she has plenty of money and enough crotch-sniffers to help her conceal it….she being familiar with the old penis in the mouth maneuver.

  4. Robin Antjoesmom

    bella vita dearie..hows that working out for ya? do ya regret that tattoo? do ya regret throwing that little girl away like a used napkin? does she haunt yr dreams? is yr life filled with beauty and joy and a loving husband and adorable children who support yr dreams?no?!? hmmm…guess ya shouldnt have waited 31 days to report yr beautiful baby missing or caused her to be not alive,but noooo,you had to skank around,hitting the bars,stealing from trusting friends(amy h.),buying pizza for the tattoo guy,i bet caylee loved pizza,probably thought it was a special treat huh?..too bad by the time you were playing big spender/renting movies with yr shack-up, caylee was rotting away down the street from her little pooh bear themed wouldnt want to be you, having to spend my days hiding from the normal folks,the ones who dont throw thier kids away like trash in the woods for animals to eat and to rot down to bones.that tiny skeleton was the saddest,lonliest thing ive ever made my heart ache..did you think about that when you were wearing the ''missing child'' t-shirt and enjoying the media coverage,when you were a '''alleged'' distraught mother of a kidnapped child?you were a ''star'' yr on par with snake excrement.bella vita..

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