Defamation Lawsuits Casey Anthony To Federal Court

Casey Anthony Defamation Suits Proceeding In Federal Court

Casey Anthony’s legal team won a small victory on Tuesday when a judge ruled that defamation suits against her would proceed in federal court.

US Bankruptcy Judge K. Rodney May ruled that  the two lawsuits against Anthony will be handled federally, because the 27-year-old’s bankruptcy case could cover the costs if she loses the defamation lawsuits.

May will handle the lawsuits so that he can decide if they should be discharged by the bankruptcy or not. The lawsuits were filed against Anthony by Zenaida Gonzalez and Roy Kronk.

Gonzalez claimed in her suit that Casey Anthony tarnished her reputation when she told detectives a nanny with a similar name to hers kidnapped young Caylee Anthony in 2008.

Roy Kronk was the meter reader who found Caylee’s body. The man claimed that Anthony’s defense attorney wrongly suggested Kronk was involved in the young girl’s murder.

Both plaintiffs want their lawsuits to continue in Orange County Circuit Court, where they were until Casey Anthony filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. However, Judge May questioned whether or not it was wise to spend time arguing cases in state court that could be discharged in bankruptcy.

Therefore, May gave Gonzales and Kronk 21 days to file their lawsuits in his court. If the claims proceed there, it is possible a federal jury would ultimately hear the case.It appears that at least Kronk will follow through with the judge’s decision.

His attorney, Howard Marks, stated that Kronk is looking for his day in court against Casey Anthony. Marks added that he will file Kronk’s claim in bankruptcy court and will also ask to depose Anthony for the case.

Meanwhile, Casey Anthony did not appear in court on Tuesday and her attorneys did not give any information on where she is living or what she is doing. The 27-year-old, who was acquitted of her daughter’s murder in 2011, has been in hiding since she was released from jail. She has only appeared in public a couple of times for court appearances.