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Bored Gorilla Scares Children Taunting Him At Zoo [Video]

Gorilla scares kids

An angry gorilla decided to scare a group of kids at a Dallas Zoo after they repeatedly shouted at and antagonized the enormous beast.

The gorilla was behind a large sheet of glass when a hoard of children began to shout at him, with one of the kids even yelling, “You ugly,” at the beast, who weighs around 400 pounds.

The beast continues to look undeterred despite the children’s first stream of abuse, but, as they continue to yell at him, you can clearly see the gorilla become more and more peeved.

The children repeatedly shout at him as they want to get a response from the beast, but then he looks at the kids who are hurling the harsh words at him.

All the gorilla wanted to do was to enjoy the blistering Texan sun, but it would appear that the last straw was a kid beating his chest mocking him and then pointing at him.

The child’s finger is basically in the animal’s face when the ape finally loses its cool and explodes at the group, pressing his hands and face against the glass which leads to all of the children jumping back and then falling silent.

You can then hear a few adults snicker in the background as they realize that each of the kids have learned a valuable lesson. You can watch a video of the incident above, and it does make for a rather sweet watch.

Last month a video surfaced from the San Francisco Zoo which showed two much smaller gorillas throwing their own feces at a much larger alpha gorilla.

It was uploaded by videographer, L00kBh1ndYou, who stated, “I was recording the little gorilla throwing dirt at the alpha male when all of the sudden another random gorilla decided to join in… but not with dirt…”

Have you ever been scared by a gorilla?

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20 Responses to “Bored Gorilla Scares Children Taunting Him At Zoo [Video]”

  1. Pat Cuviello

    Obviously zoos are not teaching children to respect the animals they hold captive, and apparently adults who allow children to behave disrespectfully are not learning to respect the animals either.

  2. Cookie Rogers

    People need to control their unruly and stupid acting children. Teach them respect instead of ignorance.

  3. Christina Pestana

    This is sad…where are the adults with these children telling them not to taunt an animal and instead read about it and learn? Complete disrespect for our brother and sister animals on this planet – it's bad enough that he must live in a zoo, isn't it? If I was there I would have slapped that little brat saying "You Ugly" right across his face!

  4. Pat Jacquot Houle

    The kid saying "you ugly" will probably grow up to be an animal abuser. He needs to be taught compassion and some manners. Shame on his parents…. and whoever was chaperoning the class for not stepping up. Nothing funny or cute about this video!

  5. Stankonia Roberts

    Serves those litttle bad asses right. I didn't hear any adults in the background scolding the little brats for taunting the gorilla either. Yet, they would have been the first ones to complain about the animal being 'out of control'.

  6. Donna R. Haddad

    These kids are absolutely pathetic and so are the adults who evidently thought nothing of trying to teach them how to behave with respect toward an animal, and in public places. I cannot imagine what these kids act like at home or in their neighborhoods. I wish Dallas Zoo would come out with a public statement denouncing this sort of display and then having it put on the internet as if it is 'cute'. It is a sad example of how horribly generations are being raised and the little respect they show for living things.

  7. Lisa Svagr

    There probably aren't any parents. It's probably a school field trip. Uggh! What a beautiful creature to be so humiliated like that. I love gorillas and being able to get up close to them. Always glad for the glass in between, but I love to sit up by the glass and see if one will honor me with an interaction.

  8. Lisa Skinner

    Did we not learn anything with the last gorilla taunting in Dallas several years ago which cost the gorilla his life? Wake up, people – it's not the animals' job to train and raise our children! Control the brats in your care.

  9. Anonymous

    OMG – obama got on the wrong flight. he's in the dallas zoo!

  10. Margaret Gonzales

    Where were the parents? I guess they haven't seen where elephants are frustrated and turn and kill their owners and whomever. I can't remember the country but the elephants were fed up with people and began to destroy their villages.

  11. Anonymous

    Chest beating and pointing are displays of dominance in gorilla society. When the kid did that, in gorilla language he was challenging the big guy to a fist-fight. Winner gets to hump the females and the loser gets to die.

  12. Anonymous

    If I had done this as a child, my parents would have wrecked me. Seriously. Kids do whatever the hell they want today.

  13. Anonymous

    If I had done this as a child, my parents would have wrecked me. Seriously. Kids do whatever the hell they want today.

  14. Patsy Lynn Garretty

    Certainly shows what little parenting is going on at these kids homes….little creeps.

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