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Trayvon Martin’s Father Viciously Attacks Zimmerman Supporter In Court

trayvon martin character assassination

Trayvon Martin’s father Tracy has reportedly “attacked” a supporter of George Zimmerman, mouthing an expletive (“motherf***er”) during pre-trial proceedings outside the courtroom during an alleged incident relayed by Zimmerman’s defense attorney Mark O’Mara as he argued that Martin and Trayvon’s mother should be barred from the courtroom if Zimmerman’s parents were.

As George Zimmerman’s trial wears on, the incident in which Tracy Martin allegedly attacked a Zimmerman reporter seems, like many, to skip over what feels to be the actual lurking headline within the story — something more like:

“Trayvon Martin’s Dad Tracy Somehow Miraculously Not Punching Everyone In The Courtroom In The Face, Continuously, As Zimmerman Trial Progresses.”

Debate aside, the Trayvon Martin case is one for which it’s hard to imagine a worse parental nightmare. People without children bristle at the notion that parenthood imbues one with any special ability to feel compassion, empathy, or projected sadness, and it’s true that all people have likely experienced fierce and vulnerable love like the love a parent feels for a child.

But the eternal curse of a parent is the one Trayvon’s mom and dad have to know so intimately — that fear that as they step out into the world, they will be slow to develop the ability to detect and evade the ill-intentioned. That if this horrible happenstance occurs, they will come to harm much like Martin did and we will be unable to intervene and protect them.

So too in life it feels like nothing is so unfair as compounded pain, and when Martin died at the hands of Zimmerman that night in 2012, the series of insults added to the Martin and Fulton families’ injury had yet to begin. The second portion of the same parental nightmare is that after the harm comes to a child, we as parents (having begun to allow them freedom) will sit blissfully unaware as our near-adult offspring lay injured, dying, or dead, and as a parent myself, the case first really hit me when I learned Tracy Martin had not been informed of his son’s death until the following day — despite the fact that Trayvon was a minor, despite the fact that he carried a cell phone.

By the time Tracy Martin, who filed a missing person’s report before anyone in Sanford decided to let him know his minor child had been shot in the chest, learned of his son’s murder, Zimmerman had been questioned and released.

And had it not been for social media, and the small glimmer of hope it provided for Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, the story would have likely ended there. Just for a second, imagine that first day for his parents — not only do you learn no one had bothered to inform you of your high schooler’s shooting death despite the fact you lived blocks away from the crime scene, but the man known to be responsible had already been questioned and released.

And, if you consider yourself sympathetic to Zimmerman, ask — really ask yourself this — would anything on Earth stop you from kicking up hell until that had been resolved? What if you learned this, later, even as the man who admitted to shooting your child in the chest, to death, walked free? Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump said of the “initial investigation” into the shooting:

They ran a background check on Trayvon Martin, who’s dead on the ground, and they don’t run one on George Zimmerman. They do a drug and alcohol analysis on Trayvon Martin, but they don’t order one on George Zimmerman.

And again, the pain we can only imagine such a revelation caused to Martin and Fulton pales in comparison to what must have followed the constant and relentless character assassination to which the memory of Trayvon has been subject since day one. Their child — their murdered child — is by all facts of the case the victim of a crime, cheerfully minding his own business when a stranger (one of those people all children, black, white or purple are taught to be suspicious of from toddlerhood) approaches and eventually shoots and kills him.

Martin himself spoke to this fear realized in an interview, thankfully realizing that no foreknowledge could have spared his son the fate he met at Zimmerman’s hands:

I never thought this could happen to him, and I know Trayvon was scared and confused in those final moments. This wasn’t anything that any parent could prepare their child for.

No charges were brought for several weeks, and only after massive and nationwide outcry failed to abate was a special prosecutor brought in to right the wrongs in Sanford. But the police department’s failure to arrest Zimmerman gave rise to a toxic public perception that somehow the oversight validated the actions of Martin’s admitted shooter.

Zimmerman’s case for his own guilt was expertly laid out today by Esquire in a piece titled “The Quote That Should End The Trayvon Trial,” where John H. Richardson makes out an airtight argument for the defendant’s conviction — noting George himself was aware the “series of break-ins” yarn had already culminated in an arrest, citing his frustration at having to answer questions about the dead teenager:

A professional thief would be moving intentionally, not wandering down the middle of the street in the full light of the streetlamps. Although Zimmerman’s fear supposedly hinges on the series of robberies that the police believed had been addressed already with an arrest, it seems clear that even Zimmerman didn’t really believe his own alibi. More likely, even in his mind, Martin was a kid from the neighborhood out smoking a joint and at the worst, looking for a little illicit excitement — a ‘fking punk.’

Yet in those weeks and through the magic of political alchemy, much suspicion somehow came to rest on Trayvon rather than the man who had, by all appearances, shot him dead for no apparent reason. By the time Zimmerman was finally arrested Martin had been called a “thug,” a prominent reporter said that his hoodie had killed him as much as George Zimmerman had, and conservative pundit Michelle Malkin helped circulate an image of another man (also named Trayvon) distributed on white supremacist message boards, smugly claiming a “media narrative” that painted Martin as less black and less scary than he was in real life.

And despite the image (however irrelevant) being no more an accurate portrayal of Trayvon Martin than it is of me, the meme stuck — to this day when we run a post with an actual picture of Martin, commenters blast us for not running the “real” (fake) picture.

The claim is one of many against Trayvon Martin that is somehow deemed a factor in his death as the case finally begins, and one of the daily, repeated indignities suffered by Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton. Not only is their beloved son dead and buried before even getting the chance to actually live his life, but a sneering, uninformed group of people in no small number have rallied behind his killer in support.

And back to Tracy Martin. O’Mara argued for Martin and Fulton to be banned from the courtroom in some sickening concept of “fairness,” given his accused killer’s parents were barred due to their status as potential witnesses. Despite laws in Florida that give victim’s families the right to be present, the Zimmerman camp felt that this was a valid request.

Yahoo reports of the request as well as the claim made by O’Mara:

“In making his argument, O’Mara told the judge — the jury was out of the room at the time — that Martin’s father Tracy Martin had ‘threatened or cursed at one of my client’s family members.’ ”

Indeed, two weeks after the fact, witness Tim Tuchalski testified that, bearing a badge identifying him as with the Zimmerman family, he held a door open for Martin and Fulton when the swearing occurred:

“He seen me and seen my badge and said motherf***er under his breath … I was holding the door for him and his wife … That’s what I believe I heard … I’m sure that’s what I heard.”

(As sure as George Zimmerman was that Trayvon Martin was an armed “thug,” Mr. Tuchalski?)

One of the most popular comments on that Yahoo article comes from a random internet commenter who seems to live in a world where people are capable of experiencing no rage or anger when seated in a courtroom right beside the man who shot their son and the lawyer defaming his memory day in and day out, as he or she opines:

“Martin’s family is consumed by hatred and racism. They don’t seek justice, they crave revenge. They will never believe that their precious son wasn’t a model citizen. Racism cuts both ways, and they’re some of the worst.”

Another simply adds:

“Like father Martin like son Martin. Nothing but trouble!”

One commenter attacks Tracy Martin for not constantly wearing a suit as we all do all day every day, observing of the man who had to to walk out of the courtroom today as images of his son’s lifeless body were shown:

“Remember the Father in the first days of media coverage? White T- shirts, He’s festooned with TAT”S an NBA player would be proud of. Now [they] have him in a suit and tie like he’s soppossed [sic] to be respectable or something!!”

Yet another imagines that Zimmerman politely asked Trayvon to wait for police, a request Zimmerman had no authority to make and one which Martin would have been under no obligation to honor should this  fantasy have been accurate:

“[Trayvon] was not a child he was a young adult. I’m sure he was asked to stop and wait for police. [Trayvon] even had a phone to call 911 about a stalker. Instead tryvon tried to cordinate and attack on Zimmerman to show him how its done in the hood. If I’m wrong then why didnt [Trayvon] call 911?”

Probably because he was busy being shot in the chest, Sherlock.

The elder Martin, for his part, seems unshakeable in his conviction not only that the words of detractors are irrelevant, but also that justice will be done — he says in the earlier interview:

“My kid was perfect to me. As a father, it hurts to see how Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, has tried to twist the truth. And I can’t defend my son, who has been killed. It’s demoralizing. How do you blame the victim?”

Tracy continues:

What they don’t understand is that Zimmerman didn’t only murder my son — he destroyed an entire branch of my family tree. I looked forward to the possibility of having grandkids from Trayvon. And that’s something that can never happen now. But as far as the attacks on Trayvon’s character, it certainly isn’t true, and therefore doesn’t affect me personally. I just hope it doesn’t work with the jury and the public.

In any event, this little side story about the Trayvon Martin case and the daily happenings in the trial of George Zimmerman has illustrated a very sad demand we as a society have made of Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton.

According to GMA, Martin silently shook his head as O’Mara stood the request he be denied his lawful right to observe the trial of his son’s killer, much as he has been forced to do as he and Trayvon’s mom have endured indignity after indignity in the fight to see their son’s killer simply jailed.

While Zimmerman is able to pontificate at will about how the teen deserved his fate and any one of us reading this would be able to articulate a detailed and violent fantasy about how we ourselves would like a person who might harm our child to suffer, Tracy Martin is allowed no such privilege. Even given that his son’s killer has shown not an ounce of remorse since that night, even in passing.

And through what is sure to be a lengthy and insult filled trial, all Tracy Martin is permitted to do lest he impede his chance at winning justice for his boy (however slim) is nod silently.

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92 Responses to “Trayvon Martin’s Father Viciously Attacks Zimmerman Supporter In Court”

  1. Kim LaCapria

    Thanks, Molly! I have personally always identified with them during this story, but I never dreamed it would get so much worse. I've never seen anything like it.

  2. Lauren Parnofiello

    Thanks Kim. Truth, empathy, morality, glad someone decides to write from that perspective!

  3. Sam Duffy

    You've articulated my thoughts and feelings for the parents of this child. It astonishes me that many who are also mothers and fathers of teenage boys are devoid of empathy for these two tragic figures. I glad though that Mr. Martin has not allowed the disgraceful and sickening comments about his young son to cut too deep. In my country (Ireland) such comments would see the perpetrators bankrupted for libel and slander.

  4. Paul Rosell

    Every Prison is full of convicted criminals who have relatives on the outside who love the. The fact that this very large, very anti-social, very violent gang banger wanna-be, Treyvon, has parents who grieve does not in any way show that there was a "murder" involved in this case. It was self defense, tragic but that is the truth!

  5. Matt Maschinot

    The truth is that Trayvon Martin would be alive today had he not decided to beat the cr@p out of George Zimmerman.

    Yes, Trayvon had the right to walk home without being accosted, but when he decided to walk, in the rain, between houses, in a neighborhood that had been experiencing a high number of breakins, he gave George Zimmerman the right to know what he was doing.

    Do not forget, Trayvon Martin was not just some innocent kid, he had been caught in school with tools used to break into houses. The fact that he was walking, int the rain, between houses, that were not on his way home, is a fairly good indication of his intentions that night.

    What about Martins membership in a 'fight club'? He clearly had 'anger issues'. Martin got caught 'casing' houses that night. He got mad, and confronted the person who caught him, and decided to 'go MMA' on him.

    If Martin was the person people make him out to be, he would still be alive today.

  6. Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

    Tell the truth…Trayvon's dad has a GANG background. From one thug to another the acorn didn't fall far from the tree. Free George Zimmerman!

  7. Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

    So if some hood-rat thug is beating you and you're packing YOU wouldn't shoot? Yeah, right.

  8. Kim LaCapria

    Under what laws does any private citizen have to submit to questioning from any other private citizen? What do you know that proves Martin was "casing" houses? I've been following this case since day one and I have never seen that claim made by anyone.

    Further, Martin only went "between" houses when a stranger began to chase him. He had no obligation to speak with a strange man and no reason to believe the man meant him anything but harm.

  9. Mike Lewis

    This article is so misleading and biased I can't believe it was allowed to be released….do you work for Martin's lawyers…it is so full of innuendo, opinions and no facts….and info from the police to explain why they could not or were unable to reach Tracy Martin….ridiculous writing that does not qualify for journalism…maybe Black Panther propoganda.

  10. Mike Lewis

    This article is so misleading and biased I can't believe it was allowed to be released….do you work for Martin's lawyers…it is so full of innuendo, opinions and no facts….and info from the police to explain why they could not or were unable to reach Tracy Martin….ridiculous writing that does not qualify for journalism…maybe Black Panther propoganda.

  11. Mike Lewis

    This article is so misleading and biased I can't believe it was allowed to be released….do you work for Martin's lawyers…it is so full of innuendo, opinions and no facts….and info from the police to explain why they could not or were unable to reach Tracy Martin….ridiculous writing that does not qualify for journalism…maybe Black Panther propoganda.

  12. Rosemary Russo

    George Zimmerman was told to not pursue Trayvon and if he truly was being protective of the community, notifying the police of someone he perceived to be suspicious should have been enough. He had deep anger issues and wanted the confrontation with Trayvon. Trayvon, being young and strong, got the better of him in a fight pursued by George Zimmerman. Trayvon did not know who this man was who had been stalking him and must have felt he was fighting for his life, which, unfortunately, he lost. All of it caused by the actions of George Zimmerman.

  13. Tehron Edwards

    so if you were minding your own business, and some guy who was not a police officer was stalking you and approached you in a threatening manner , you wouldn't fight back?

  14. Tehron Edwards

    Terrence Jeffrey Johnson And whether or not he was a thug has nothing to do with the case. the fact of the matter is he WAS NOT committing any crimes and Zimmerman is NOT an officer of the law. He had no right to pursue and make demands of martin.

  15. Tehron Edwards

    Terrence Jeffrey Johnson also your deep seeded racism is very blatant. you aren't fooling anyone by having a black picture . we know that's not you

  16. Ronnie Morrow

    Zimmerman was observing Martin from his truck.When Martin went between the houses out of sight that is when Z went looking for him.Had M stayed on the sidewalk Z would have probably stayed in his truck, as he was talking to the dispatcher at that time.You can not observe a stranger that is out of sight.Z was a watchman for the compound and would think he had the right to ask M what he was doing.

  17. Maureen McGlade

    Oh give me a break! That kids dad wasnt even in his life before all this went down and the only reason he "cares" so much now is because he wants some money out of all this. Keep your stupid comments to yourself about what goes on in the ghettos of the US because you have no clue what youre talking about! And as far as your country bankrupting people for libel and slander thats why we have whats called freedom of speech here in the US. Go slam down a few more warm beers you drunk red faced idiot!

  18. Anonymous

    Fight back by initiating a physical altercation with a stranger who might have friends coming up behind me or is armed with a knife or firearm? Are you out your mind? I would call the police on my cell and take off screaming for help, banging on mailboxes, kicking cars to set alarms off, waking the dogs up, maybe throw skittles at people's windows so they'd wake up and i'd pay for any damaged later with my alive ass.

  19. Gail Jones

    Maureen, I so agree with you. People who are not dealing with a changing neighborhood are completely clueless. Living just outside of Detroit and now dealing with the "changes in my neighborhood" and the crime it brings can get you killed if you aren't careful. Zimmerman new that his neighborhood was turning over he knew that crime had started he wanted to do something to keep it at bay. A complete nightmare for any human.Shup up unless you are living in ths type of enviornment. At night I lock my doors then bolt them down with hand weights and 2 X 4"s come live in Detroit you will piss your pants. Why is the news media showing this kid at 12? I saw a picture of this dude, gold tooth, tattos all that ghetto crap. Rap sheet blah, blah. That's the Travon that got shot not some innocent looking 12 year old. This plane will never land never. With all they have been given and all the waste why have these folks not hooked on yet. Because it's easier t play the victum and get that welfare dolllar.

  20. Carolyn Falkner

    This is sad America should not! be represented like this. Martial artist chase the kids down with a gun and killed him what a coward

  21. Carolyn Falkner

    Be nice if 20/20 or Dateline would show some of these post on T.V. Think I'll call my Aunt and see

  22. Suzanne Eastman Roeder

    Neighborhood watch is a group of home 'owners' who band together to keep a watch on suspicious behavior. This smaller older man just followed the thug. Doesn't give the thug the right to turn around, chase and use deadly force to stop the man from following him. Should have just kept walking with his skittles until he reached his father's fiancé's place. Following someone isn't a crime. What Trayvon did was a crime and since it was deadly force, Zimmerman can defend himself. If Trayvon had not died, he would be in jail for assault. Trayvon was the criminal here and Zimmerman should be freed.

  23. Bob Austin

    I would ask to see what he wanted first before I threw any punches. How hard is it to say "Yo what're you following me for?" And maybe the conversation would've continued. But no, black ppl wanna be drama queens.

  24. Bob Austin

    "Yo dawg, I think this guys following me. Instead of talking to him, asking him what's up, I'm going to do this………LEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOYYYYYYYY JEEEENKIIIIINNNNNSSSS!"

  25. Kristine Reardon

    Wait… so you know that Martin only went between houses when someone was chasing him, but you say it's impossible to know that he was casing houses… Umm…

  26. Meg Charnley

    How was he a thug, Suzanne? He was walking home, in the rain, wearing a hoodie, talking on his cellphone after having gone to the 7/11 for a bag of candy. I see no thug-like behaviour there. What about "innocent until proven guilty"? Zimmerman simply assumed Trayvon was guilty, and got out of his car against police orders. Trayvon tried to keep walking but continued to be harassed by Zimmerman, who was looking for a confrontation.

  27. Meg Charnley

    @Maureen, then why was he staying with his father at the time of his death?

  28. Meg Charnley

    You don't think he paid enough by losing his life? Grow up.

  29. Deirdre B Pride

    Wow…a grown man wants to piss on the grave of a child who he did not know and did nothing to him. This is a Zimmerman supporter. This is Zimmerman all day.

  30. Reggie Walls

    Maureen McGlade People like you is why Zimmerman got off and the problem in America. And I"m sure in your everyday life you pretend like you're not racist then come on the internet and show your true colors. SMH You are no different than Zimmerman a PUNK

  31. Marlene Quinonez

    He's T-Party; had to check out his page after that hateful, vitriolic comment. They're all racists but there's something called, "karmaquences." They're gonna get you, Kenny!

  32. Anonymous

    the apple don't fall far from the tree, this younge man was a punk, a thug he just beat a old man driving a bus not two weeks befor he was shot, GZ did the world a favor.

  33. Eric Brown

    Killing a child is killing a child… I read an article where an 18 year old was jailed for making a joke about shooting a school… He is now being faced with 8 years in prison…. Don't give me that whole BS line of him being a young adult… in the eyes of the law he is a minor and a child… You cannot bend the law just because you believe in exceptions to the rule.

  34. Eric Brown

    Suzanne Eastman Roeder Your stupidity is amazing… He shot and killed a child. So, by your logic if someone is following me around everywhere refuses to leave me alone and I turn to confront him, he is legally allowed to use deadly force? There is a difference between neighborhood watch and vigilante justice.

  35. Janice Cox

    Trayvon is dead at his own fault. Black people think they are above the law and should be able to do anything they want. I had a white police officer tell me his fellow black officers caught heck from blacks that would get pulled over and tell the officers, "don't be like the white man, let me go". How can anyone be on Trayvon's side when Zimmerman has a broken nose and had his head slammed on the sidewalk and Trayvon didn't have a scratch on him? It is all right there. Every piece of evidence is right there. Tracy Martin mouthing the words "MF" to someone outside the courtroom explains very vividly the apple didn't fall far from the tree…………

  36. Janice Cox

    But it is ok for Martin to use the term Creepy ass Cracker. Everything is so one sided in this country.

  37. Janice Cox

    "The grave of a child". This was no child. He was the aggressor and he got just what was coming to him. He probably would have committed murder himself had he roamed the earth long enough.

  38. Reta Lane

    You Suzanne Eastman Roeder are really one sick, heartless bitch. I guess you haven't read up on Zimmerman's police record where he resisted arrest, assaulted a police office, a restraining order for violence against his former girlfriend and a DUI and you know what, the charges were all dropped down even though he was facing felonies because his father was a judge. Zimmerman was said to be too aggressive in his job as a bouncer by other employees. You have to be pretty damn bad to be called too aggressive working at as a bouncer. His neighbors complained about his aggressiveness.

    Oh, what an outstanding man Zimmerman was but only to white, sick racist people like you.

  39. Peter Murphy

    GZ obviously had a problem seeing young black males in his community(given his record of 911 calls). The fact that some of you people viciously defend him and share his racist sentiments confuses and saddens me… 3 facts in this case… an adult pursued a chile with a gun, then proceeded to act against police dispatcher orders, and then shot the teen to death. =/ lost of "you people"(idiots), have a completely skewed vision of the humanity- and justice.

  40. Peter Murphy

    further.. lots of people commit crimes at an early age – then grow up to be upstanding people regardless of their past.. the fact is, Trayvon Martin will not have that chance because a bigot chose to end his life and then lie like a coward. As the majority of racists do.

  41. Peter Murphy

    The phrase, "black people think they are above the law" – is the same kind of generalization and mindset the racist GZ believed, leading him to harass TM. As to his mother mouthing a cuss word to someone. . . I'd be interested in seeing your reaction in her shoes after losing any close loved one. By the looks of your pictures, it is easy to see why you would be scared of anyone who is not white. – 'Merica- fuck yeah!

  42. Max Deitsch

    All facts aside. Bc they're in a state that allows concealed carrying, he got dismissed. If that happened in ca. Itd have been manslaughter. I think a lot has to do with an all female jury. A guy may understand that he was getting an ass whoopin for his own damn fault. Might have made deliberations different.

  43. Peter Murphy

    ^^^^tell us how you really feel – inbred daughter of KKK "uncle"

  44. Peter Murphy

    Kenny Albert is an inbred redneck. look at the pics of his retarded ass kid on his page . cant wait till he grows up gay(and happy), gets disowned- and how Kenny Albert touched his son is the talk of the town- maybe then he will kill himself. I suppose he got his ass whopped by a little black kid some time back and it stuck with 'em . . sorry buddy =/

  45. Peter Murphy

    hood rat is usually used to refer to women. – and if I pursued an altercation and then proceeded to get my ass whopped by a kid 25 years younger than myself. . maybe id kill him because I was so embarrassed that I was a fat pussy. That's the only reason I could see shooting someone in a fist fight.

  46. Wil Brewster

    Go get em hoody girl. You don't have to "submit" yourself to the UNLAWFUL harassment of snooty little questions. HOW DARE THEY! You are wisely "obligated" to just PHYSICALLY ASSAULT them instead.


  47. Wil Brewster

    Eric Brown Your logic and intelligence is so wise.
    Yes, when a paparazzi follows and confronts a celebrity, all on public grounds, that celebrity is more than "legally allowed" to just physically assault that person. WELL DONE!

  48. Wil Brewster

    Kim LaCapria Go get em hoody girl. You don't have to "submit" yourself to the UNLAWFUL harassment of snooty little questions. HOW DARE THEY! You are wisely "obligated" to just PHYSICALLY ASSAULT them instead.


  49. Wil Brewster

    Um, no, Tehron, most people would not, most non-hoodrat people that is, but clearly inside the kangaroo court of DA HOOD, asking a few "life threatening" little questions justifies and even equates physical assault.

  50. Erica Marquez

    KILLING someone is a CRIME. Funny how you do not bring up Zimmerman's past VIOLENT history. He was a woman beater and fought a cop. In 2005, Zimmerman, then 20, was arrested and charged with “resisting officer with violence” and “battery of law enforcement officer,” both which are third-degree felonies. The charge was reduced to “resisting officer without violence” and then waived when he entered an alcohol education program. Contemporaneous accounts indicate he shoved an officer who was questioning a friend for alleged underage drinking at an Orange County bar.
    In August 2005, Zimmerman’s ex-fiancee, Veronica Zuazo, filed a civil motion for a restraining order alleging domestic violence. Zimmerman counterfiled for a restraining order against Zuazo. The competing claims were resolved with both restraining orders being granted.
    In December 2006, Zimmerman was charged with speeding. The case was dismissed when the officer failed to show up in court.

  51. Erica Marquez

    Trayvon had a bullet hole in his body but according to you didn't have a scratch? REALLY? What evidience are you looking at? Have you seen the picture of Trayvon's lifeless body on the ground and you say he didn't have a scratch on him? Actually you are right he didn't have a scratch he had a BULLET HOLE That ZIMMERMAN put into him. Zimmerman wasn't able to defend himself against a male opponent – but Zimmerman sure did beat the crap out of his ex Fiance and with liquor in his system he fought a cop. Zimmerman is a murder. He had not right to kill anyone. Had he hung back like the 911 operated asked him too a Trayvon would still be alive and a mother would not be mourning her child.

  52. Erica Marquez

    Maureen McGlade so you know this family personally? Was he not walking to his father's home when this incident took place? Or was that a set-up for Mr.Martin to make money off of his son?

  53. Erica Marquez

    Zimmerman is a murderer. Zimmerman beat the snot out of his fiance in 2005. Its much different when you fight a male as opposed to a female (which is what Zimmerman is used to fighting). He got his ass beat down and rightfully so. Instead of being a man about it, he chose to kill him.

  54. Erica Marquez

    Your an asshat does that give me the right to take your life?

  55. Erica Marquez

    Terrence maybe you get beat down but I have skills that can and will protect my family and I. This is a reflection of you. I am sure it wasn't easy growing up as a black gay man and you get your ass kicked and that is why this strikes a cord with you. Time to do some self reflection.

  56. John Smith

    Erica Marquez he slapped her once in response to her striking/scratching him. while i dont condone the striking of women if a woman hits a man then she cant say much if he hits her back and one slap isnt "beating the snot" out of her. and how is it right for him to get "beat down" trying to protect his neighborhood. unless he put his hands on trayvon which he didn't, trayvon did not have a right to touch him. he however had the same animal mentality you do and now hes dead for it lets hope you use more common sense should you find yourself in a similar situation.

  57. John Smith

    Erica Marquez clearly the young man had anger issues and it makes more sense trayvon assaulted zimmerman without cause

  58. Wendy Minear-Lionheart

    Police dispatcher's are not police officers. People don't have to do what the police dispatcher say. What about the fact that Martin was into MMA? Zimmerman lost track of Martin and went back to his car. Martin back tracked and attacked Zimmerman first. Martin was a gang banger. People need to have the facts in this case instead of listening to the Lame Stream Media. Would we be hearing about it if Martin killed Zimmerman? No.

  59. Wendy Minear-Lionheart

    Police dispatcher's are not police officers. People don't have to do what the police dispatcher say. What about the fact that Martin was into MMA? Zimmerman lost track of Martin and went back to his car. Martin back tracked and attacked Zimmerman first. Martin was a gang banger. People need to have the facts in this case instead of listening to the Lame Stream Media. Would we be hearing about it if Martin killed Zimmerman? No.

  60. Wendy Minear-Lionheart

    Has anyone wondered why the media keeps showing up pictures of Martin at 12 years old? He was 17. He was in trouble by the law for countless things. That morning police removed him from school for having weapons on him. He was in the process of buying an illegal gun.
    Everyone keeps saying that Martin is innocent, but what about him being into MMA and using racist comments. Why is is racist when something happens to a black person by someone of a different race? But it is not racist to have a white "Privileged" person gets beaten, killed, raped, tortured by someone of a different race? Why are only white "privileged" people considered racist? Why can't the white community be proud to be white? Why can't we have someone like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Why can't we say derogatory word without being called racist, but we are supposed to take it when someone of a different race says it to us?

  61. Jillian Bishop

    Okay. I have just come to the conclusion that all of Florida is crazy. Letting a mother off for murdering her child. And this. Honestly I don't think that he was guilty. And if it were a black man that shot this boy, there would be nothing that came of it. That shit happens every day. Racism is quite the opposite of what Americas stereotype is. People need to learn to forgive. I am not raising my children like it is the 40s, I don't understand why in the "ghettos" the parents still put those untrue statements in their childrens heads. If they stopped that, race wouldn't even be an issue anymore. It's sad that in actuality they are causing their own problems.

  62. Sean Su

    Kim LaCapria, if I beat on an armed neighborhood watch captain, of course I expect to be shot in the scuffle. Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch captain of a gated community. He didn't have to listen to the 9/11 dispatcher because the dispatcher was not a cop. If Martin hadn't attacked Zimmerman (in text messages, Martin not only was part of a fight club, not only looked forward to fighting, he even admitted to being with friends while they beat on a homeless man in a incident weeks before).

  63. Jawayne Young Wiz Heideberg

    You racist bitch he wasn't no damn thug. Zimmeman thank like all you white people thank we are thugs. I'M in college never went to jail none of that fuck u and R.I.P to Travyon Martin Killed for no reason.

  64. Henri Ducquette

    Suzanne Eastman Roeder Why do you refer to TM as a thug? Why doesn't being followed give someone the right to question the person following them? Could you give the kid the benefit of the doubt that he was finding his house in a community where all the townhomes look the same? And since when do we judge children so harshly for the things the do as children? Even a child criminal has his slate whipped clean at 18. So lets examine the older man who has a violent past that happened way after 18? If he was indeed older and had good intentions why didn't HE acting as the adult ask him if he was lost? or was he new around her? maybe introduced HIMSELF and explained why he was concerned. No lets rely on the teenager in this instance to be the adult. We really don't know what happened that night. 2 people were involved. One is dead giving the other party involved a chance to create and present to us what happened.

  65. Clifford Torres Maldonado

    Kim LaCapria so the first thing on his mind was clearly beat the shit out of this strange man wich i dunno if hell harm me i mean come on he had a gun and he didnt shoot him from far? really? youd think a man who would cause harm would be smart about it btw its all fake anyway

  66. Dylan Ds

    You are a disgrace and a shame and i can no assure you no "thug" in the history of mankind would support George Zimmerman, including neo nazis…..

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