The Heat parade brought in an estimated 400,000 fans.

Baltimore Ravens Mock Miami Heat Fans In Twitter Gaffe Gone Wrong

The Baltimore Ravens used Twitter to pick at the Miami Heat fans for their support during the team’s championship parade. The Heat beat the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 to defend their NBA title, but the Ravens believe their parade for their Super Bowl win this past season had a much better turn out.

In the tweet, the Ravens post side-by-side photos of each team’s parade, which shows empty streets in Miami compared to a full house in Baltimore. The post goes on to say, “#BALTIMORE sure knows how to throw a party!!! #WorldChamps #Ravens.”

Hash tags and all, the Ravens weren’t messing around when they sent this out to their followers. There’s only one problem with the entire situation: The Heat reportedly brought in a bigger crowd than the Ravens.

According to The Associated Press, the Heat’s parade featured an estimated 400,000 fans while the Ravens brought in an estimated 200,000. Both teams deserved a celebration for their successful seasons, but the Ravens got it all wrong with this Twitter gaffe.

The tweet has since been re-tweeted over 1,800 times, and it also has over 800 favorites. That’s a lot of Ravens’ fans who are also convinced their team had a better showing. Luckily the Heat haven’t posted any revenge, though it would be something to see a “war of words” between the two teams at the top of their respective sports.

Here’s the Twitter post by the Baltimore Ravens that has it all wrong.

It’s common for an athlete in any major sport to make mistakes on social media, but for an official team account to join in with a mix-up of their own is confusing to say the least. The side-by-side photos do show a major difference in attendees, but one photo can be misleading as this was off by about 200,000 guests.

Do you think the Baltimore Ravens are embarrassed by their tweet that compares their parade to the Miami Heat’s celebration?