Channing Tatum talks about being a dad.

Channing Tatum On His New Baby Girl: ‘She Is Beautiful’

Channing Tatum is one proud new papa. He is beaming over his new baby girl Everly, who came into the world three weeks ago.

Talking to Access Hollywood during the press junket for his upcoming action movie White House Down he gushed over his and wife Jenna’s new addition.

“It’s so new and I think every time I hold her, you just have to remind yourself that this is forever,” the actor told Access.

And he added:

“She changes every day, She’s beautiful.”

The couple shared the first pictures of them and baby Everly online. According to Tatum it was a day he cherished. He shared that his dad as well as Jenna’s father were with them to celebrate his first Father’s Day.

Jamie Foxx, who stars with Channing Tatum on White House Down said of his co-star:

“I think he’ll be fine. (He) knows what it is to be a ladies’ man. So therefore, when you counsel your daughter, you’ll be able to give her great counsel.” he told Access.

Foxx, who has a 19-year-old daughter, also offered some parenting advice to Tatum suggesting that he should be firm, but to also be a friend so she learns to open up to you. He added that little girls will ask questions about guys when they grow up and their father is the best person to ask.

The actor talked about how fatherhood has changed him. He said it’s like having a whole new gear, a different direction in life.

“You won’t understand what love is, until you have your own child.” Tatum commented on how it feels to have a daughter.

“You can not put into words the responsibility you have. It’s beautiful. Terrifying, but beautiful.” he finished.

Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum met in 2006, while filming the movie Step Up and married three years later.

Channing Tatum baby.

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